Music: “Cavalier” by James Vincent McMorrow

maxresdefaultIt’s happened again, Fangirls. I’ve found a song so damn good that I just want to kiss it, if I could. This song has me so addicted and drunk off it’s loveliness that I almost didn’t write about it because I didn’t know if my brain could even get to the words to say. But I’ll try my best, Fangirls, because this song deserves your love.

It’s starts very softly. McMorrow’s voice is delicate and quiet. Soft keyboard notes solemnly flow behind the vocals. It beautifully glides around with a quiet sort of sadness sound. After a verse and chorus, a snapping beat enters, giving a lovely sort of plucking groove to the song. From there, things only build. After another verse, a bass & toms enter to accompany the existing beat. Soon, cymbals are crashing, a snare comes in, and the song is erupting. More keyboards swell with waves of pulsing progressions, McMorrows voice grows into a powerful falsetto. After the intensity, it soon falls off and retreats into a slow progression of soft keyboard and a quiet howling of harmony.

This song could be about anything, and it would make me feel emotional. The arrangement, the chord progressions, the vocals, they all come together and contribute to something that makes me feel a lot of feelings. The song, even in it’s quiet beginnings, has something so intense about it. I could listen to it a million times and feel something different through each, but I would always feel something. In reality, the song seems to be about a first love and a break up. Which of course is emotional in itself, but I think if McMorrow was singing about anything in the way he does on this track, it’d be just as emotional. There’s something so powerful about the sound of this song alone that gets me feeling.

Of course, you just have to see for yourself, Fangirls. Get some tissues, get a blanket, get your dancing shoes, whatever you need. This song is a dazzling electronic ballad, but I think the emotions it brings across are more based upon who is listening. Go love this, Fangirls. It’s fucking beautiful.


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