DIY: Pumpkin Vampire

image_5The season of Halloween and its decorations are upon us, Fangirls. I had to hop on the band wagon. I saw an idea so fucking cute, I couldn’t help but join in on the fun. These little pumpkin vampire buddies are so fabulous and adorable, not to mention, super easy & cheap to make.

I spent $4 total on this, Fangirls. And that was on three pumpkins. It took about 20 minutes to make, and I had lasting Halloween decorations that are impressive and adorable. To make it, I used:

Miniature Pumpkins (white ones if you can find them)
Plastic Vampire Teeth (10 for $1 at the dollar store!)
Acrylic Paint
A knife

First, I cut the mouth of my pumpkin friend. You want it to be large enough for the mouth, then a little larger still so that it can sit in a little bit. Use a sharp, longer knife and puncture a large slightly rounded mouth the the pumpkin.

image_2I then inserted the teeth, and painted them white while they were in the mouth. I couldn’t find plain white ones at the store, but if you can, go ahead and skip this step.
image_3Then, it was time to make my orange  pumpkin have spooky vampire skin. To make the color, I used mostly white with a bit of yellow and the slightest bit of pink. It was the perfect shade of vampire skin.
image_4Then, it was just time to add some spooky red eyes. I used tacks and painted them red, but you could use red sewing pins, push pins, or just paint on some red dots yourself!
image_7Then, you’ve got your very own pumpkin vampire friend! You can make one, or a dozen! There so easy, I want a million.

Happy Do It Yourself-ing! Go get yourself a new vampire friend!

All images are copyright of their respective owners.

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