Appdicted: Jellies

photo (47)Fangirls. I have found a game so cute, so fun, that I endlessly squeal while playing it. It’s so fucking adorable, and not to mention a fantastic time. It’s super easy to play, super fun to look at, and will supply you with endless hours of pure adorable delight. Jellies has won my heart.

Though the cute game begins with a rather graphic tale. The jellies, who live under water, found a hand hanging into the water one day. The hand belonged to Bob the Fisherman, who had fallen asleep on his boat. The Jellies, only naturally, decided to bite all his fingers off. Now, the object of the game is to catch Jellies and help Bob get his fingers back. But the Jellies are so cute, I’m not even mad.

image (11)To catch the jellies and score points, you simply connect the jellies of the same color together. But they like to jolt and swim around, distracting you with their cuteness. They make the most adorable little noises while you play, I can’t help but giggle my way through every game. Its hard to believe these little guys were wicked enough to chomp off Bob’s fingers. I’m still not totally convinced.

image_1 (10)You’ve got 60 seconds to connect and collect as many jellies as you can. Connect all the like colors in anyway you can, getting a 2x bonus when you connect them into a closed shape. They wiggle around a make it a bit difficult, but if you’re fast enough picking up the jellies is no problem. The real challenge comes in Disco Mode.

image_2 (10)However, it’s so worth it. Not only is it fun, it gives you more points. To get to Disco mode, simply catch a disco jellie! To do so, trap a disco jellie around a closed shape of other jellies. Then, the party will begin. The jellies speed up and dance around, they become a little harder to catch but there are more of them around for you to connect. It’s a great time! Those jellies know how to rock.

Work well against the clock and get those jellies, and you’ll start earning Bob his fingers back. It’s not so tough of a job really, hanging out with the jellies is a great time. There cuteness is what really makes them dangerous.

image_3 (10)This game is everything I dream of, Fangirls. It’s design is so pleasing, the color choices & palettes are so lovely. The design of the jellies & Bob are so adorable and unique, I just love to look at them. The game dazzles my eyes. Plus, it’s so damn fun. I could play it for hours. Catching jellies, helping Bob, it’s a great time for everyone. Not to mention, you can connect to the Game Center and play multiplayer, or play in the endless mode and just connect jellies until your thumbs are sore. No matter how you’re playing it, I give this game a big thumbs up, Fangirls.

image_4 (10)So get to downloading, Fangirls!



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