Nerds Gotta Drink: Redd’s Hard Apple Cider Pack

In many places, Autumn means pumpkin. But in upstate New York, it also means apple.


We are all about apples here, because one of the few awesome things about upstate NY is apple picking. So we are in the prime location for Hard Apple Cider to be wanted. Redd’s Hard Apple Cider comes in a 3 part variety pack and oh man is it tasty.

All 3 options are delicious. The Crisp Apple is classic; if you get the variety pack, start with this one. It’s tasty and smooth and I could drink it all damn day. I started it and was far from disappointed. It tastes like an apple. Perfect.


The Strawberry Ale is super yummy as well. Someone told me that it has an aftertaste like Bubblicious strawberry gum and I didn’t believe her. She was right. It tastes like apple strawberry at first, then turns into Bubblicious. So drink it.


And the Cranberry Ale? It tastes like Christmas in your mouth. I’ve been savoring this one more than the others because wow.

Fangirls, if you are of legal age and like cider, get on this. I am not a big beer person, but I coming to learn that I am all about cider. Wow. It’s delicious. I’m just so into it. Check it out.  I also really enjoy Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider, but that tastes more like cider, while Redd’s tastes more like juice.  It doesn’t taste all that boozy, just delicious.  And at only 5% alcohol, it should taste pretty darn good.  So if you’re feeling like Snow White and are just looking for a delicious red apple, try these.




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