Music: Road Trip Playlist

Fangirls, I love, love, love driving. So of course, I adore road trips. I enjoy traveling a great deal, and I think there’s no better way to do it than by car. And, there’s no better way to road trip than with an arsenal of good tunes. To me, it’s essential. Road trip playlists are my favorite kind to make and listen to. You can pack them full of great jams, your favorite songs, and passionate sing a longs. For me, making them is almost just as fun as listening to them on the road.

Now, this playlist is more of a guide to how to compose yours. I think playlists should be a balance of your personal favorite more upbeat songs, and a healthy dose of poppy sing a longs. Compile your favorite up beat tunes, then add in a great mix of those guilty pleasure dancey pop songs and classic hits. For example, I added in a good amount of bands like Lucius & Haim, two of my favorite bands to totally rock out too. Then, I went to my brain’s selection of pop sensation & classics to get the sing a longs at full force, and pulled out some Taylor Swift, Destiny’s Child, Iggy Azeala, and TLC. Make it a good mix of upbeat, dance jams, and more easy going music. I add a lot of more powerful music too, so I can let out all my feelings in the car. Cater it to your tastes, Fangirls. But whatever it is, make it long, and make it lovely. You have to power to make a road trip playlist the best playlist you’ve got. For me, it always is.

And don’t forget the clever title! Mine is “Headlining the Honda”, because I do, and will forever, drive a Honda.

I hope that whether you drive to it or not, you enjoy the compilation I put together, Fangirls. Be sure to send along your own road trip playlists to me/us! Though I love to rock to my favorites, I’m always looking for great new stuff to add to the collection.

Happy road tripping!


All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners. 

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