The Leggettes by Carolun Belefski & Joe Carabeo

Fangirls, I just read this comic, and I already need more.


The Leggettes is a comic that I picked up back at Small Press Expo awhile ago, and hadn’t had the chance to read until now.  I’m glad I waited until a less hectic time to read it though, because it’s fun, action packed, and deserves to be in the spotlight.  A lot of times when I read comics, I worry about my other thoughts distracting me while I read.  If that’s the case with you, read this when you aren’t super busy.

This book is narrated by MC, an (ex) agent of a corporation called DECO.  It starts with him working with three phenomenal and unruly lady agents; Morgan, Olivia, and Layla.  After a year of working together, the ladies are sent on a mission that MC doesn’t feel quite right about, and for good reason.


Everything seems okay, until Layla finds a giant hole, and the tunnel they were in turns into a hive.  Monsters everywhere, the girls die and MC comes very close.  He gets discharged from DECO and gets into trouble seemingly quite often.  After a brawl leaves him hurt, his friend Ginger drops him off at a circus doctor, and leaves him a holo-message, saying that she’ll never see him again.  One of the nurses hands him a ticket to the Leggettes, and once he’s inside the burlesque show, he recognizes Layla, one of the performers.  And that’s where it ends.


So you can see why I want more.  I want to know what happened to Olivia and Morgan, what types of trouble everyone has been stirring up, and how Layla ended up becoming a burlesque performer.  There are so many questions!  Belefski does also run a webcomic, Curls, and has a website where hopefully some questions will be answered.  If you have a chance, check them out!  I really enjoyed the Leggettes, and am excited to read Curls.  Keep reading Fangirls!





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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