Sexpert Spotlight: Hannah Witton

Fangirls! I welcome you to a thing I hope to do every so often with our sexy chats on Fridays. More often than not, I mention people in my article who have had lovely things to say and contribute to the world of sex education. Sometimes they’re scientists or sexologists, other times they’re just people who are passionate and have something to say or teach. Hannah Witton is one of the latter. She has a YouTube channel that though not entirely focused on sex, talks about it a great deal and sheds some great light on it. I consider her a Sexpert in her own respects, and delight in her videos and intelligent input.

Now, Hannah isn’t completely in the dark with being educated in sex, of course. She studies in school, and has recently talked about her dissertation being about sexology. So, she does study this stuff. But, she also is just a very passionate, sex positive person. Which to me, qualifies someone just as much to talk about sex, share their knowledge, and open up some conversation. Which is exactly what she brilliantly does on her channel.

Hannah’s discussion of sex runs the gamut. She discusses more social things like identity, dating, and body image, but she also chats about the more scientific sides of things with videos focusing on anatomy and history. She talks about these things with a lovely, easy going and humorous tone. Her videos feel as if you’re chatting about sex with a friend, and I think in the end that helps you take away more from the conversation. Take a look at her most recent video talking about sexology, I enjoyed it a super huge amount.

As you can tell, her videos are fun, funny, but incredibly informational and interesting. Some focus on much more light topics, with a lot of extra humor thrown in. Others are more serious, and really focus on getting the knowledge across. Either way, I appreciate them a great deal, and I think it’s so fucking fantastic that they exist. Hannah Witton is a lovely person with a lot of lovely things to say, and I look forward to continuing to hear them for a long time. She’s also active in a lot of sex positive projects & things outside of YouTube, including a documentary called Someone Like Me that was on MTV. Pretty dang cool. You can keep up to date on what else Hannah is up to through her twitter & facebook pages, and you can watch her being hilarious and intelligent on her YouTube channel.

Enjoy this taste of her videos! Then, seriously, go subscribe. Treat yourself to a beautiful helping of sex education & positivity.



All images and videos are copyright of their respective owners. 

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