She-Hulk #7


Fangirls! I’ve been loving this series, as I’ve certainly shown in this articles. However, the last two issues have felt weird. The writing has seemed very bland and forced. Thankfully, the regular artist has returned, though that also could be a lot better too. Where is the She Hulk series I fell for? I feel that something has changed. Including the story. Issue #7 seems to have abandon the story the series was telling before, and started a new one. What’s going on here, Fangirls?

The story that had been going on could have been better, but I was still enjoying reading it. It was pretty suspenseful, and I had been looking forward to this issue to see what else would happen. But suddenly, She Hulk is involved in something else, another mystery, and I’m just scratching my head. But alas, I guess we might as well just go along with this one.

It’s certainly interesting. She Hulk & Hellcat are with a man named Rufus, a scientist with a new product. It’s called the Shrinko, and yes, it shrinks things. He wants to put it on the market and has a buyer, the only problem is with his partner. The other guy that he invented the ray with doesn’t see eye to eye with him about selling it. Oh, and he’s also missing. Rufus has reason to believe that his partner Reza has shrunk himself down to hide away from Rufus, so that he cannot sell the Shrinko. So now, its up to She Hulk & Hellcat to find little Reza.

But, of course, they’re not small. They can’t go looking for a small person without being small, but they’re not sure if they can trust the Shrinko. So, they phone a friend; Ant Man. And it’s a good thing too, because he tells them not to use the machine and that he’ll come help. Using his own powers, he shrinks the two of them down, and then they’re on the look out. As Ant Man is telling them how dangerous tiny life is, he gets swooped away by a sparrow. So now, She Hulk and Hellcat are left on their own. So, they get to looking. They try to talk to ants and get into an odd battle against them. Then, they take on a few cats. The cats end up leading them right to Reza, who was hiding in a can of coke.

Just at this same time, we see the return of Ant Man. We also see that there is an issue between him and Reza. We then learn that Hank (Ant Man) is the buyer for the Shrinko. He doesn’t trust the technology and wanted to tweak it a bit himself before it was put out to the world. Reza was not about this, he thought that the product was just fine the way it is. Then, after a coke can explosion, everything gets legally sorted out by Ms. Walters. It seems that no one will have the Shrinko, but Revi will have a great deal of money. Oh also, in the very last panel, Captain America/Steve Rogers shows up to Jennifer’s office. So. I guess we’ll see what happens with that next issue.

The issue, in theory, was good. But the details brought it down. The illustration, though I’m glad it’s not what’s been in the last few issues, is still just inconsistent. And the writing just seems off. It feels very basic to me, and I know that this book and this author are much better than that.

Unfortunately, this series doesn’t have much time left to show its real potential. It’s been announced that this series will be ending at issue #12. Though I’m a little frustrated with the series, I do still love it a great deal, and I’m very sad to see it go. Rumors say that She Hulk will not be gone, just this series, but only time will tell. For now, will cling on to the issues that we’ve got, Fangirls.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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