Nerd Wear: Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure

At New York Comic Con, people were handing out free stuff left and right.  I ended up with imPRESS’s Press-On Manicure set, so I figured I would try it out.


The packaging was adorable; the nails came in a little bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle.  Since I usually have nail polish on, I had to remove it, and clean my nails with a little swab that is in the package.


Then I sized the nails by holding them onto my nails to see if they would fit, and set them to the side in order.  It was easy to size them because unlike some press on nails, the adhesive was hidden under a little plastic covering on the inside of the nail.


After that, I took the plastic covering off one by one, and put them onto my nails.  I think I did a pretty good job, but I incorrectly sized one nail, and ended up having a wonky nail the whole time.


The package says to press them for about an hour, and to not get them wet in that time; you want the adhesive to really stick.  I pressed and pressed, but was still worried that they would fall off.  I use my hands constantly; I’m an art major, craft a ton, write, and have a job.  So I put them on last Friday, expecting them to not last the weekend (even though the packaging says a week).  I was surprised.

I put these nails through hell.  I got hot glue on one in the first hour, and had to peel it off with nails on, and all nails involved held up.  It’s cold, so I’ve been wearing thick tights, and the nails survived pulling those up.  They were alright while I was knitting, and even came in handy when I was sewing (I used the outside on the nail as a thimble on a couple occasions, and it saved my fingers).  They did take some getting used to.

Typing, texting, and using all sorts of touch screens was weird at first.  When I was in high school, I almost always had fake nails on, so I could handle a lot that may have been more frustrating otherwise.  And as fabulous as the strength was, the size was better.  These nails aren’t so long that I felt the need to file them down at all.  They were just a couple centimeters longer than my natural nails, so they were a nice, strong addition.  And they are so cute!  I got a set of galaxy ones that I’ll be using soon.


This past Friday, I took them off.  With nails from a salon, my nails always ended up destroyed.  Taking them off was painful and frustrating; I always thought I was going to rip my entire nail off.  Not with imPRESS nails.  They peeled off from the sides, and though it wasn’t the easiest thing, they came off without ripping my nails to shreds.  So I washed my hands (there was a slight sticky residue) and painted my nails.

Fangirls, these nails were phenomenal.  I was not expecting them to last as long as they did (and they felt like they could last longer).  I took them off because my hair started getting caught on the bottom of the nail, so I figured it was time.  But they are adorable, strong, and fun!  They come in all sorts of patterns, and can be found in almost any drugstore for far cheaper than a salon manicure.  So check it out.  And Santa, I want more in my stocking!





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