Music: FKA twigs

2014 Pitchfork Music Festival - Day 2

I know I probably say this more often than not, Fangirls, but it’s been a long time since I’ve fallen this hard for a musician’s sound. I’m completely obsessed, enthralled, consumed by this woman’s music. I’ve been looping her album for days. FKA twigs has brought something completely unique and stimulating to the table, and I think I’m addicted.

Her music is certainly modern, but deep inside of it, I can hear so much classic influences. Especially in twig’s ethereal vocals, which though all her own, I find some of that 90’s R&B lurking. You can sense it in some bits of the arrangements and chord progressions, too. However, her twists on it all is what really makes the music. Powerful and sexy lyrics, wrapped in powerhouse electronics and complex percussion. It’s intoxicating.

My first experience listening to this music was almost indescribable. It left me speechless. I sat in my room, listening to her song “Two Weeks” upon a friend’s recommendation. I really can’t find words to describe how blown away I felt. It was a paralyzing sort of enjoyment. The vocals flowing in and out of light staccato and soaring melodies. The deep & pulsing synths. The low & echoing bass and percussion. The build up and eruption that arrives around the three minute mark gives me a knot in my stomach goosebumps butterflies sort of feeling. This is one of the most impressive songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Her music is intense and sexy, with a balancing side of heart wrenching reality. Each time I listen to a song, I hear a lyric a different way, or think of it differently, and the song becomes that much more substantial. Her music and her songwriting makes me want to sit down and cry, and it also makes me want to kiss on the mouth endlessly. She actually a song about the later, called “Hours”, another stunning contribution to her masterpiece of a debut album. The record, LP1, was released in August of this year. It’s exploded, and this artist is no doubt getting the recognition she deserves. In September, the album was listed as a nominee for the Mercury Prize, which is a real big deal award given in the UK for the best album of the year. So, there’s no doubt that everyone should be keeping their eyes on this artist. I think she’s a fucking genius.

Go immerse yourself in the music of FKA twigs, everyone. It’s incredible.



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