Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is a phenomenal movie that came out this past Friday.  It is the first full length animated Disney / Pixar / Marvel team up, and it’s based off of a comic.


From what I’ve heard, the comic isn’t all that great (racist and not very female friendly), but the movie is just lovely.  Be wary, ahead there are some spoilers.

Big Hero 6 focuses on Hiro, a 13 year old robotics genius.  His brother is always there to save his butt when Hiro gets into trouble.  But when Hiro’s brother dies in an explosion at his school, Hiro shuts down.  One day, he stubs his toe and Baymax, his brother’s robotic nurse, comes to aid him in any way possible.  That ends up meaning he searches for where Hiro’s nanobot is trying to go.  When they get to the not too cliche warehouse, Hiro and Baymax find that someone is mass producing Hiro’s invention.  They were all supposed to have been destroyed in the explosion, but here they are, with millions of replicas, and a man in a kabuki mask.


After fleeing the kabuki man, Hiro outfits Baymax with armor and fighting capabilities.  They try to take on Mr Kabuki Mask alone, and fail miserably.  Baymax called Hiro’s brother’s friends, and they end up running from the kabuki mask man together.  They end up at Fred’s (the least scientific of the bunch) house.  He brings them inside (with a brief Stan Lee cameo in the form of a family portrait), and inside Hiro realizes he has to upgrade all of them.


Using everyone’s passions, Hiro outfits them in superhero gear of his own design.  Baymax can fight and fly, GoGo is fast with discs that can slice through almost anything, Fred is a recreation of his favorite superhero characters, Wasabi has laser hands, Honey Lemon has a purse that releases chemical pods that she can throw at enemies, and Hiro is the brains and leader.  It’s really awesome.

Together they work to take down the man in the kabuki mask, and learn about why he is so bad.  I don’t want to go too deep, but they succeed and some pretty dang sad stuff happens, but it definitely ends on a high note.  The after credits scene is hilarious, and if you go, you need to stay.


I had so much fun watching this movie.  I plan on going to see it again at some point because it’s so fun and silly, and I loved the characters.  One thing that really stood out to me, was that not only were there two girls on the team, but there was pretty solid representation of multiple races and body types.  Wasabi is quite barrel chested, Baymax is chubby, and GoGo has some beautifully big thighs.  I really appreciated it, because a lot of times, superheroes are all cut from the same mold.  These are unique characters, with unique body types.  Thanks, Disney, Pixar, and Marvel.

It’s just a great movie.  There are really sad parts, a kind of scary part, and a ton of fun parts.  Baymax when his battery is low is my favorite, because he’s kind of a giant drunk marshmallow.  It’s beautiful.

So Fangirls, if you’re thinking of doing something this weekend, go see Big Hero 6.  It’s fun for everyone, and it’s really quite grand.





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