Hawkman: The Brave and the Bold

Hawkman is a character that I like a lot and want to enjoy, but it’s hard to come across any of his stories. Hawkman sadly was not part of the new 52, and it’s been a good deal of time since anything had been release with him. Which is why I have to go real old school to try to experience more of him. Thankfully, I was in luck when I recently found a book collecting a few of his comics from the 1960s.

The book collects nine comics from a Hawkman Brave and the Bold series, #34-#36 and #42-#44. Some are in two parts. This series was the first revival of Hawkman since his debut in the 1940s. Gardner Fox had written the original and was brought back to write this revival, and was paired with a young artist named Joe Kubert. The team of the two makes for a wonderfully classic comic.

photo 3 (6)I love the style of 60s and 70s comics so much. I love the way that details are done, the prominence of the ink, and how clearly defining of an era it is. Though today there’s so many different unique styles of illustration in comics, I just seem to love this so much more. I could look at it for days.

photo 4 (6)So, I’ve heard of a few different back stories for Hawkman, and I learned that this was the beginning of one of them. In the original comic, Carter Hall/Hawkman was the reincarnation of an Egyptian Prince Khufu. In this series, Carter was also Katar Hol, a lawman from the planet Thanagar. He and his wife, Hawkgirl, are visiting Earth like they often do, to fight crime and observe the Earth ways of law. In their adventures, they fight abominable snowmen, spooky sorcerer’s, and all sorts of craziness.

photo 2 (6)I like the portrayal of both characters. Hawkman is of course more in a lead, but Hawkgirl is very present and much more than a sidekick. There’s not a whole lot of emphasis on their relationship, it’s more about getting down to business. They both fight side by side, and contribute to solving mysteries and getting out of pickles, like a true team.

Discovering this book at a local shop was fun, and of course reading was even more so. I don’t often get to delight in Hawkman comics, he’s a rare bird. I’m happy to have been able to see a little bit of his adventures with Hawkgirl for a few issues, and get a feel for what that era was like for him. Remember to check out old comic gems like this, as well as all the great new stuff, Fangirls. There’s so much to appreciate & enjoy. So raid those dollar bins & peruse the retro racks, you might find some goodies like this one!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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