Fangirl Wish List: Etsy

Tis’ the season to be a Fangirl! Tra-la-la-la-la! La la la la! Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, I think we can all agree it’s a great time of the year to be a fan of things. People are obligated to buy you gifts – that means they are trying to figure out what you like! All that time you spent trying to explain Doctor Who to your cousin will pay off! All the posts you made about how Sherlocked you are become GOLD to people that are trying to figure out what to purchase for you.

Over the past couple of years, when asked what I want for Christmas, I’ve found myself referring people to one website in particular: Etsy. Frolicking ground for nerds. A place where you can always find something in the price range and fandom you are searching for. After much thought and consideration, I present to you my Etsy wish list; let it guide you whether you are a Fangirl, or just buying for one.

Jack Skellington Sweatshirt by SweaterWeather2014


I’m from New York. It is hella cold over here and there is nothing I love more than being comfy and nerdy simultaneously. This sweatshirt is $29.99, in the perfect price range for a close friend, and it says, “I’m an adult who loves Disney!” in a way that doesn’t seem childish. Not that I’ve ever let that factor stop me from buying things in the past. A dream is a wish your heart makes, kids.

Instagram Purse by meemanan


It’s crocheted, handy and ADORABLE. Perfect for that friend you have that posts selfies of their cosplays ALL THE TIME (pointing at myself here) or really anyone that has instagram fever. Which is basically everyone. This cutie is $33, a great choice for your bestie or sibling. It’s handmade, and even if it wasn’t your hands that made it, it makes this a more personalized gift. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Link, Legend of Zelda Plush Pillow by telahmarie


You can never have enough pillows. Ever. It’s a fact. Shhh! Don’t try to deny it. Instead of getting your girlfriend a stuffed animal or character, opt for this! It gets the same message across and is way more useful! This Hero of Time is $30. If you wanna be really adorable, put the Princess Zelda pillow on your wish list and then you’ll have matching ones. HOW SICKENINGLY CUTE. I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HAPPY TOGETHER. Excuse my bitterness at your happiness.

Romeo and Juliet Book Scarf by storiarts


Don’t know what to get a lit-nerd? LOOK NO FURTHUR! Yes, there is a place where you can buy scarves with books printed on them. This is not sorcery. Or maybe it is? I actually have no evidence that tells me it’s not. Support sorcery! Buy this $45 scarf for your mom, or maybe your sibling, or perhaps that friend who spent way more on you last year then they should have so you need to make it up to them. They will be thrilled.

221B Baker Street Soy Candle by FromthePage


I bought this candle at LeakyCon this past summer and it was the BEST decision (high five past-Kristen)! These book inspired candles smell incredible, burn ridiculously well and have charming names. For this 8oz candle you’re only paying $10, so you could buy them for virtually anyone you need a gift for. Buy one for that secret santa! Buy two for stocking stuffers! Buy three for whomever! You catch my drift. I recommend also looking at the Hazel’s Flowers, Dobby’s Socks and Peeta’s Cakes scents. All are fabulous choices.

May the force be with you this holiday season, Fangirls! Happy online shopping, because really, who is leaving the comfort of their computers anyway?





All images and characters depicted and referenced are copyright of their respective owners.


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