Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Now Fangirls, I know this isn’t an app, but its a phenomenal game that is available for the most recent systems and their predecessors.  It’s fun for everyone, and it’s hilarious.


I haven’t played the extra stuff, or the ’66 levels, but I played through the storyline because I bought it for myself as an early birthday present last week (my birthday is today, in case you were wondering).  But I played it through, and laughed my booty off the entire time.  The story is based more in space than Gotham, and you have more access to characters from the get-go, which I really appreciated.  In the game, Brainiac has harnessed powers from the full spectrum of Lantern Corps, and it’s up to the villains and heroes to team up to stop him.

The characters get their emotions all jumbled, and go to the planets of each of the lantern leaders.  It’s really fun to play in such different environments, and to use the different characters’ abilities for different things.  At the end, Brainiac makes Superman super sized, and the justice league has to take him down without Kryptonite.  It was just so much fun.


I like pretty easy games, Fangirls.  I’m not super picky; if there aren’t clowns and it isn’t a first person shooter, I can get through it and enjoy it.  So I consider myself to be a casual gamer.  Beyond Gotham is perfect for that; to be honest, all of the Lego video games are.  Since they’re aimed at children, they aren’t too hard, but once the story is done, there are more things.  You can replay levels, achievement hunt, and find all of the hidden things in there.  One of my favorite things to do is save the citizen in peril, who is voiced by Adam West in this game.  I also like collecting a ton of Lego bricks to get to Super Hero status.  It’s fun, and when you do those things, you get more gold bricks which you can trade for characters later in the game.

One thing that I’m a bit bummed about is the lack of freedom there seems to be with Beyond Gotham, especially compared to Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.  In DC Super Heroes, you ran around Gotham to get to levels and challengers (who you would be able to buy after defeating them.  In Beyond Gotham, there doesn’t seem to be a place to do that because your home base is the JLA Space Station.  I’m a bit sad about that.

On the plus side, when you’re playing Wonder Woman and you make her fly, her theme plays.  it’s fun.  If you’re considering buying Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, just do it.  It’s fun, and I love it, so you will too.




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