Dirty Diamonds Anthology: Comics

Fangirls, it was 2 months ago, but I’m still quite excited about Small Press Expo.  It was a phenomenal gathering of independent creators and just wow.  One of the books I picked up is an anthology by Dirty Diamonds, focusing on comics.


Dirty Diamonds releases a new comics anthology annually.  An anthology is “a published collections of poems, songs, compositions, or other writings (Thanks Google).”  The writings in Dirty Diamonds books just happens to be comics, and the best part is that it’s all ladies.  Every year, tons of ladies make comics that pertain to a certain topic, and submit them to Dirty Diamonds for their next anthology.  This year’s was comics about comics; anything from how you got into comics to experiences you’ve had in comic stores.

I loved it.  The two editors for Dirty Diamonds explained the premise, and I needed to get it in my hands immediately.  It’s phenomenal, because not only are there different people who have had different experiences, but they all have different art styles too!  It is in black and white, so colors don’t clash page to page, but the lack of color makes such a nice unity with all of the different styles.


One thing I didn’t even consider until just now, is that many of the creative ladies who contributed were right there at SPX.  I wish I had realized that, so I could have read the book, and gotten them all to sign it before I went home.  Fangirls, if you can, get this anthology.  It’s fun and pretty and I am ready for the sixth to come out.  Sadly, it’ll be a couple of months before I get 6, but Dirty Diamonds is still taking submissions for their next topic, Beauty, until January 12, 2015.  So if you’ve got something to say about beauty, make a comic and send it their way!  You could be a part of one of the coolest anthologies around.

So grab a copy if you can, submit if you want to, and support the amazing artists who were a part of it!

Alexis Cooke
Alison Wilgus
Ann Uland
Anne Mondeel
Ashley Austin
Carey Pietsch
Claire Folkman
Crystal Kan
Cyn Why?
Denise Clamors
Dre Grigoropol
Faye Stacey
Jackie Huskisson
Jenny McKeon
Jillian Fleck
Julie Mills
Kelly Froh
Kelly Phillips
Miranda Harmon
Mouna Toure
Nicole Rodrigues
Patsy Chen
Sage Coffey
Sara Goetter Scotty
Silvia Carrus
Stevie Wilson
Tamara Ansing
Vicky Leta
Win Evans
Yao Xiao
Yui Wei Tan





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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