Elektra #7


When we left off last month, Fangirls, Elektra was on the brink of a big fight with an old friend. This issue brings us a continuation of that and more, including a different style of art. All the names on the cover are the same, so I’m not exactly sure why the illustration has changed so much this issue. Either way, this issue resolves somethings, while a lot of others are just beginning.

Again, I felt as though this issue was not as on track as the others have been. For most of this series, I’ve felt so very compelled to keep turning the page. With this issue, and the previous one, I haven’t felt so moved. It’s been interesting, surely, and I want to keep reading, but something about it just doesn’t feel quite as intense. Right from the start, this issue just didn’t go as I thought it would.

The issue goes right into Elektra’s fight with Lady Bullseye. It’s no where near as exciting as I thought it would be. Surely, I thought that a fight like this would take nearly the whole issue, a back and forth battle that tested the reader’s will to believe that Elektra would emerge the victor. However, it was short and extremely anti climactic. Elektra struggles a tiny bit, then decides that to kill Lady Bullseye in her new state, she has to mess with her. So she tries to inhale her, sucking her into her, and she gets shaken up. For a moment to jolts right back into being solid, just enough time for Elektra to get her. She falls to the ground, and that’s that. Though, as we learn later in the episode, she’s not completely dead.


Before Elektra returns to Cape Crow and Kento, she finds Matchmaker dying, and she passes on. She returns to the other two, and says that she must avenge her. Suddenly, Elektra is beside this crazy looking man she refers to as “Snake” and she asks him to take her to the assassin’s guild. They go, through what I think is New Orleans but I can’t tell if it’s the real thing, because they get there through this weird rift and everyone seems a little odd. Suddenly, Elektra is up against a few people that she’s recently killed. They inform her that the Guild has also changed them just as they did Bullseye. They’re not a match for her. She takes them out one by one, and continues on her way to the Guild. This other masked fellow has been with them, and we’re not exactly sure who it is. He tries to enter the Guild first and talk to the Guildmaster about Elektra, but she busts in. She talks to the Guildmaster about how they’ve failed to kill her once again. They offer her the same deal they’ve given everyone; Let the doctor run his experiments on you, and we’ll drop any bounty on you. She refuses, and kills them both. Before killing this master, he tells her that he doesn’t know where the other Guildmaster is. Snake informs her that Bullseye knows. She Elektra now must go back to find her at S.H.I.E.L.D where she’s being held, and speak with her.

With that, issue 7 comes to a close. Elektra leaves behind Kento & Cape Crow, needing to continue her journey alone. This issue wasn’t anything sparkly or dazzling for me, it was interesting, and I’m still looking forward to where the rest of the series goes and what happens next issue. However, something about these last two just haven’t left me feeling the same way. They’ve set high standards for themselves, so any lull in this series is noticeable. We’ll just have to see where issue 8 leaves us next time, Fangirls. In the meantime, absolutely still pick up this series if you haven’t, it’s a whirlwind of intensity.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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