Appdicted: Clue

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Keeping track of your body and health is pretty darn important, Fangirls. Luckily, for those of us who find it hard to do so or are just a little flaky, there’s the wonder of technology. Clue is an amazing app that I’ve just discovered, that helps you track your period, it’s symptoms, and your fertility and ovulation. It’s useful, well designed, and a brilliant tool for those who deal with the lovely menstrual cycle. 

I’ll be real with you, Fangirls. I have something called PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I won’t get real into it, but it’s a hormonal imbalance that causes a whole host of symptoms, including your periods being really, really weird. It effects everyone differently, and everyone’s cycle differently. I barely get a period at all, so it’s important that I remember when I actually had one last. Clue is an incredible resource that can help me keep track, and estimate when I’ll get it next.

Clue is personalized to you, and only becomes more so. It asks you to enter a lot of information about yourself, and then you start logging when you need to. The more periods you log, and the more information on them that you give, the more the app learns about you and can better predict when you’ll get your period, when PMS will begin, and when you’re fertile & ovulating. It shows this all to you through an actual cycle. On it, is your last period, the cycle before the next, and when you’ll be in the fertile window and ready to start your next period. It gives you an exact expected date for your next period, too.

image (12)It’s pretty awesome. And it all gets better & better. See those little colorful dots up by the period? Those are all my symptom reports. Clue gives you a wide list of symptoms to log during PMS and your period, or anytime in between. It’s got different categories, and four options within those. Things like the period itself, mood, fluid, sex, pain, your temperature, and details about birth control. Within those, you can choose an option of a symptom you’re experiencing.

image_2 (11)On the app you can also set mobile reminders for things. Stuff like when you’re period is expected, when PMS is expected, birth control reminders, when you’ll be fertile, and all sorts of stuff. With the period & PMS reminders, they let you know a few days in advance, so you can prepare yourself a bit. It really is super helpful.

image_4 (11)From this app, you can do so much. You can even later export all this information to keep it somewhere else, or to make it better accessible for a doctor. Clue is a wonderful, wonderful invention that all Fangirls should keep handy. There’s nothing wrong with checking in with your body and keeping track of things. So get to downloading!

Happy tracking, Fangirls!


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