Out of the Ice by Holli Mintzer & Jason Tseng

Fangirls, this is another of the lovely mini comics I bought at SPX a couple months back.  Ms. Mintzer caught my attention by describing it as “a futuristic, space Sleeping Beauty with some lesbians.”  Of course I was intrigued.


The story follows a teenage girl, Sara, as she tries to go through a normal day.  She gets up a little late, gets ready, and runs to catch the bus.  It all looks pretty normal, except for the massive bird-things that are her mother and the bus driver.  The bus (which flies) has to leave the air-locked dome to get wherever they are headed, but when they do, a blizzard tosses them onto a mountain.

Their landing against the mountain shakes some snow loose, and they find a cache.  The people and bird-things coexist so well because humans had cryogenically frozen themselves about 6,000 years prior in an attempt to survive the ice age, and had failed.  The bird-things are aliens who found them and discovered a way to recreate life.  Sara and the others head into the cache, and find that most of the chambers did not survive, so neither did their inhabitants.  But there is one.


Sara opens the chamber and resuscitates her with the kiss of life.  After seeing a bird-alien, the recently brought back to life girl passes out.  She wakes up and starts flirting with Sara.  She says, “when will I get a better chance to flirt?” which is cliche, but cute.  Sara explains that the world isn’t ending, but she needs to go to a medical facility.  Later they’re hanging out and Sara gives her a book, Sleeping Beauty, they flirt some more, and the story ends.

I really enjoyed this comic because it’s a unique spin on a lovely tale, but is far more open ended.  I think the inclusion of homosexuality as a norm in the future could help people realize that it already is the norm.  I liked the art, and even though it’s in greyscale, it is well done.  Fangirls, if you can, check out Mintzer’s  work.  She’s a rad lady, and makes awesome things (this is her Twitter)!





All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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