The Bunker #5 – #7

This series is a doozy, Fangirls. And I love it. However, I’ll be honest and say I’m a little confused by it. Okay, I’m a lot confused by it. There’s a lot of back and forth between future and present, and the present time but things that already happened, and the present selves and future selves. It’s a lot to handle. But, I suppose we can still discuss these past three issues and get up to speed.

4013314-05When we left off, Future Grady has no made contact and is together with his past/present friends. They’re not very happy to see him. From their letters they know that he fucked things up, and they’re of course just uneasy about the whole thing. He’s telling them what they need to do, but it’s a little unclear to me what that is. He’s saying he wants to save the world, but not exactly how. The other friends are talking about the solution in a way that seems like the solution is to do nothing. To me, at least, it’s unclear who is on what side, and what the sides even are. Everyone is just angry. Grady leaves their meeting, and gets into a car. In the driver’s seat is Natasha.

4088072-06As we saw previously, it’s Natasha that Grady is married to in the future. It seems as though she has a lot to do with this whole situation, just as much as Grady. In issue 6, the story delves into the days before the Bunker had been discovered. It’s still a bit cloudy. They’re setting things up, Natasha surveys the area a lot, but it’s not clear what they’re doing. I don’t think it’s clear to them either. They discuss what they’re supposed to say to their past selves, and how to go about making things better. Natasha leaves to go do something in the area for a few days, it’s not said what. She tells Grady not to do anything while she’s gone. But she doesn’t seem to ever come back. He goes out to observe his friends one night, the night before they find the Bunker. He discovers something that makes him realize that Grady won’t be where he needs to be for the bomb, and that now he’ll get killed. So he goes about changing things so that Grady/he can stay alive. Something tells me he wasn’t supposed to do that, though.

4184570-07Issue 7 doesn’t go much into that, but a few other confusing stories all together. I think I found this issue the most confusing. There’s so much jumping around, and unknown things, I’m just not sure if things are supposed to not make that much sense right now, or if I’m missing something. This issue focuses on Heidi. It shows her 6 years AME, finding Daniel, and trying to reconnect with him. It flashes back and forth between her going to her uncle’s house to kill him, which we learned she did in a previous issue. She talks with Daniel about he thinks he’s alone and that this is all his fault. She tries to calm him, but they get in a fight. Heidi walks around through the house, and finds a weird lab thing full of dead animals. Daniel appears, saying that he’s been testing on them. Heidi tries to tell him that he’s sick, but another issue presents itself. Daniel has called the cops on Heidi, and they’re there for her. There’s something that she’s done that she’s wanted for, but I’m not entirely sure what it is. It could be for killing her uncle, it could be from something we don’t know yet, and it could be from something that I’m somehow just not remembering.

I feel lost, but in a very exciting way, Fangirls. This series makes me feel like I just really don’t have the biggest clue as to what’s going on, but I’m still enjoying the journey. Hopefully the next issues with be more revealing and clear somethings up for me. And of course, if you read this book and see that there’s a big picture that I’m missing, please let me know in the comments or on our Twitter or Facebook page!


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