Movie: Sleeping Beauty


Fangirls, last night I watch the weirdest movie ever. Nope, it was nothing like that Sleeping Beauty. It was an interesting tale of a young woman and a new job she takes up. Sleeping at work all day doesn’t sound so bad, until you think about all that goes on while you’re asleep.

The movie follows Lucy, a student trying to work her way through life’s expenses. She has two jobs, one waitressing, one sorting copies in an office. She has two roommates, and they all don’t seem to get along very well. She often goes to visits someone she calls Birdman, in his apartment. They don’t seem to be dating, just old friends with some potential I guess. Lucy’s life is carrying on fairly normally, until she decides to take up a job she saw in the paper.

Now, things don’t get real weird just yet. Though, this first job is also a doozy. After an interview of personal questions and prodding at her body, Lucy gets a job in civil service. She, along with several other woman, serve groups of very rich people, usually men, while naked. The other women wear leather sorts of things, while Lucy is dressed in a white bra and garter. They serve them fancy food, and later after dinner, relax with them and serve them brandy. I’m not certain if any other sort of services are performed. However, a few of these men return to the story, when Lucy gets a promotion of sorts.


Through the same agency, Lucy has been given the job to sleep. She sits with Clara, the women who runs the business, and Clara serves her tea. The tea makes her fall into a deep, deep sleep for a certain period of time. In that time, one of Clara’s clients has free range to do whatever they’d like with Lucy. There’s just one rule, no penetration. So, these men some in and spend some time with sleeping Lucy, and it’s quite interesting, and kind of hard to watch. These men lick her face, burn her with cigarettes, toss her around. I think it’s hard to watch for me because I know that this actress actually had to be awake for all this. Lucy goes on seeing a few clients, and making a whole lot of money. But, she begins to grow curious of what goes on while she’s asleep.

While sitting with Clara, waiting to drink the tea, Lucy asks if she can see what goes on in there just once. She had bought a little spy camera, and wanted to plant it in the room so that she could watch what men do to her while she’s sleeping. Clara will not allow it, it exposes her clients. When she’s in the room alone, though, Lucy plants the camera in the room and presses record. However, things with the next client she has go rather differently than usual. Clara and him enter with a tray of tea like the one that Lucy drinks. The man drinks a cup, and lays down with Lucy, he only wanted to sleep next to her. The next morning, Clara enters to wake them. She finds that she cannot wake the older gentlemen, and he appears to be dead. She remains calm for a minute, until she tries to wake Lucy, and she’s not waking up either. Clara rushes on top of Lucy, shaking her to wake her up, breathing into her mouth. Finally, she wakes, and finds this dead man next to her. She starts screaming, crying, totally losing it. It cuts to footage from the camera that she planted in the room, and we see her and this man sleeping. After a few seconds of that footage, the movie ends.

Just like that. Out of nowhere. With no explanation for anything. It’s one of the most frustrating movie endings I’ve ever watched. I figured since this movie came out a few years ago, it was okay that I ruined that for you, Fangirls. I just couldn’t hold that in. My entire opinion on the movie gets messed up because the ending is so sudden and terrible. I was left shouting at the computer screen, in disbelief that it had ended. I thought that the rest of this movie was pretty alright, a little weird, but I enjoyed it. Then, it had an ending like that, and it’s hard for me to think positively about it.

If you’ve seen this crazy film, let me know what you think, Fangirls. It was a doozy. If you haven’t seen it, I think it’s still worth the watch, despite that I’ve now ruined the ending for you. But don’t watch it if you get violently angry with terrible endings. That would be no good.


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One thought on “Movie: Sleeping Beauty

  1. I saw this movie because I like the actress, Emily Browning. I drew the same conclusion as you did. I was very frustrated with the ending and thought the whole thing odd. It made no sense to me what so ever and I wish there had been more of an explanation or closure at the end. I mean I guessed that the reason for these men doing these things to her while she slept was due to the fact that they either couldn’t do it in real life to their own wives or they wanted to feel young and powerful again, desired even if it was only in their head and with a girl who was sleeping. I guess the abrupt ending was meant as it was, that you have to be satisfied with drawing your own conclusions and thoughts on the who play but I wanted a more solidified ending.

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