She-Hulk #8


Fangirls! It feels like an eternity since I’ve talked about She-Hulk, it always does. To be honest, though, I wasn’t missing it that much. The last few issues of this series felt a little lack luster to me, covered in odd illustration, and frustrating plots. Now, they seem to have officially abandon the story that was happening before, and have started a new arc featuring the one and only Captain America.

But he’s not quite Cap as we know him. He’s very old. Well, he’s always been old, but due to his freezing, he never looked it. Now, he looks his age, about 80 or 90. They don’t touch much on how or why that has happened, I’m assuming that will come later on as this story unfolds more. For now, we focus on the bigger problem he has at hand, and why he’s come looking for Jennifer’s help. Steve Rogers is up to fight a legal battle, a case of murder, and he’s the defendant. Steve is being accused of killing a man, nearly 70 years ago. Of course, he hasn’t, or so we assume, but he needs help winning the case. Enter badass legal extraordinaire Jennifer Walters.

4063376-shehulk2014008_int2-page-003Before we get to that though, I need to focus on the opening of this issue. We see a very old man in a hospital bed, speaking with a few other men. We don’t know what they’re saying, we just read the conversation of a doctor and nurse, discussing the man and what’s going on. The old man had told the doctor that he had something to confess, and wanted to make sure that he died right afterward. His grandson, his attorney, and a cop all gather round his bed to hear his last words. We aren’t sure what they are, but the group around him seems awfully shocked at what he says. My guess is that this man has something to do with the case that Steve Roger’s is now involved in.

So now, we’re preparing that legal battle. It’s taking place in Los Angeles, though Jennifer cannot legally practice there. No worries, though, because she’s got friend’s out there who’s legal offices she can practice under. Or so she thought. She calls up her friend Matt Murdock, Daredevil, who is a lawyer out in California. He’s totally on board, but when she mentions the case to him, he freezes up and quickly ends the call, telling her that he can’t help her. She finds someone else to practice with, someone named Jaime whom we never meet. An eccentric man named Matt helps them out at the firm. Jennifer sorts out the case, and is pretty sure she can win it. Through this whole thing, we don’t get a lot of details on what actually happened with the murder or anything, it’s all very vague. I’m curious as to what actually happened, and how Steve Rogers was involved.

At the very end of the issue, it becomes clear why Matt couldn’t help Jennifer. When she walks into the court room, ready to kick ass and take names, she see’s the other lawyer she’s up against; Matt. I’m assuming that there is quite the legal battle ahead of us, Fangirls, only issue 9 can tell. Until then, we wait and ponder what Cap has got himself into. And why he looks so damn old.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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