Nerds Gotta Eat at A & B Burger


Fangirls! This past week, I took a little vacation to a semi-familiar place. I had been out to to the north shore area of Boston numerous times, and into the city of Salem on a handful of trips. Somehow, though, I had over looked a building that looked me right the face every time I drove into town. I had no idea that the building used to be a jail, and I had no idea that delicious food awaited me inside.

My friends were in search of some good, affordable eats. One of them happened to remember a restaurant she had heard of a while back, and though it would be easy to find. Turns out it was easier than we thought. Just a hop over a bridge from the town we were in to Salem, and there it was. A rather large building, home to a few different things. But before all that, it was one of the most continuously run prisons in the United States. I’m sure it’s been a bit renovated, but from the outside, aside from the occasional barred windows, you can’t tell much. It’s a beautiful old building, brick with lovely, big windows. Part of the building holds a museum, and about 20 apartments are within it as well. But the real action, is at A & B Burger.

DSC05801It’s got a delightful menu and a cool, prisony atmosphere. It’s awesome, I promise. It’s not creepy, but has that eerie & interesting feel. It’s not over done with prison theme, which is appreciated. It’s the perfect amount of “Hey, guess what this used to be?” The menu features a full tail of the prison and nearby spirits that tend to visit. The real dazzle on the menu, though, is the food, of course.

The menu features a selection of impressive & creative burger options. There’s something for everyone to find. If you’re not a big burger fan, maybe this place isn’t the best for you. If you’re not a meat fan, though, no fear. The menu has a delicious vegetarian option, a Pumpkin Black Bean burger. Umf. And if you’re not into beef, that’s okay too. There’s a few burgers made with poultry, including the Sweet Maple Chicken burger, which is what I decided on. On a beautiful bun, a generous portion of fried chicken, bacon, sweet potato puree, and arugula sit, served with a side of maple syrup for dipping. Holy fuck. It was incredible. It was like a sophisticated chicken & waffles, served to me in a handheld dream. Sweet, spicy, savory, A & B’s menu has something to offer everyone.

A&BThe menu also has a wide selection of milkshakes, wine, and a whole lot of craft beers. For those who are of age, it seemed like they had a fantastic selection of brews for any palette. Advertised next to the menu was a chocolate peanut butter porter. I might have to come back to this place once I’m old enough to knock one of those back. But who am I kidding, I’ll be back there anyways, for everything.

If you’re looking for a little spook, a lot of food, and a great evening, A & B Burger is your destination. The prices were affordable, the food was out of this world, and the atmosphere was unique & exciting. But be sure to eat quick & guard your food from those ghosts. I’m sure the food at A&B is a lot better than in the prisoner’s day, and you’ll have no problem scarfing it up, no matter what you order.

Eat up, Fangirls!

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