Shutter Issues 2 – 7

Fangirls, I’m going to be honest with you.  There is a lot going on in Shutter, and even though there are things I really don’t understand (walking, talking, advice offering cat clock?), I love it.  Set in a future with animal-like creatures who interact with humans daily, about a woman who thinks she knows her family far better than she does, Shutter is bizarre and beautiful.  It’s a combination of a couple things, all done wonderfully.


Shutter follows Kate Christopher as she realizes that her father led a life filled with lies.  She finds out she has siblings she had never known about, gets her house destroyed, and ends up kidnapping her baby brother and getting stabbed.  Seven issues in, and I’m still confused.


After being attacked at her father’s grave and then her house, Kate decides to go home.  She and her talking alarm clock cat go back to her old house to find not only her attackers, but her old nanny, “General,” and her youngest surprise sibling, Chris Christopher Jr.  She and Chris sneak out and get attacked by some assassins who have a triceratops (because dinos are rad).  Kate learns quickly that Chris understands how to use a gun.


They allow one of their other siblings to track them, and she sends a dragon type creature to fight them and bring them to her.  When they get there, she tells Chris she will protect him, and stabs Kate in the stomach.


This comic is visually stunning, and I am in love with reading it.  I love learning more and more about Kate’s life, and the adventures she and her father went on before she supposedly killed him.  But I’m not really understanding things.  I am enthralled by the comic; I’m not going to stop reading any time soon, I just don’t get how it’s going to come together.  Have any of you Fangirls been reading it?  Are you enjoying and understanding it?  I’m honestly not sure if I would recommend this comic to people, but I know I am enjoying it.  We’ll see how it goes.






All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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