Feminerd: #illridewithyou

Recently, there was a serious hostage situation in Sydney, Australia.  A man of Muslim background held seventeen people hostage for around sixteen hours.  Two of the hostages and the gunman were shot, but the rest survived.


Now, in America, after the attacks on 9/11, we were very hostile to people of Muslim background.  America reacted similarly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, sending people of Asian descent to concentration camps to be tried as spies.  Sydney is not reacting this way.

Over 150,000 tweet have been made using “#illridewithyou.”  This is an offer, to people of Muslims background in Australia.  People are using the hashtag to let Muslim Australians know that there are people who will ride with them to their destinations so they can feel more safe and secure.  That is phenomenal.


I think the understanding that one man’s acts of violence do not define a culture is so important, and needs to be seen more often.  Here we have discussed a couple moving hashtags, and seeing the internet come together to offer help and support for one another is so fantastic.  For my entire life I was told that the internet is dangerous, and you can’t trust anyone out there, but things like #illridewithyou give me hope.


Be safe, and offer help when you can, everyone.





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