Appdicted: Bean Boy

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It’s been sometime since I’ve enjoyed a game this much, Fangirls. It’s simple sort of challenging, fun, and just adorable. It’s got all the necessary ingredients for an addicting app, and I’m surely caught in it’s grip. I keep going back to Bean Boy again & again, trying to help my little guy get to where he wants to go.

The object of the game is very simple. Your little Bean Boy wants to reach the stars, in more ways than one. He wants to reach the sky, but it’s also important to collect stars along the way, it’s how your score is measured. You start way low down on the ground, and of course, you’re only the size of a bean, so you need some umph & help getting up to where you want to be. So obviously, you fling Bean Boy. Place your finger on him and pull back, aim, then release when you’re ready. You want to get him up onto the next platform, while getting stars in the process.

image (19)There’s not really any levels, no checkpoints, nothing like that. The game is pretty much endless. Who knows if it somehow ends when you reach the sky, I haven’t gotten there just yet. You do have to sort of start over if you fall though. If you don’t make it on to a platform, you’ll fall down to the bottom to start over again. However, there is something to help you with that.

image_1 (12)As you fall, lots of stars will appear, it’s good to collect those because they’ll be your friend in keeping you from falling to the bottom. If you have enough stars already, or collect enough on the way down, you can earn yourself a little rocket boost. Below you’re star count, you’ll see a little rocket with a number next to it. That’s how many stars you’ll need to use the boost. Most of the time, it’s easy to earn those on the way down. Then, tap the rocket, and you’ll boost up somewhere around where you were before, it depends on how far you fell down.

image_2 (12)It’s a lot of fun to figure out your surroundings in the background to get a feel for how much distance you’ve covered. You start around some pipes, then find yourself going through different rooms like the kitchen, and being up by a light fixture.

image_3 (12)Bean Boy is endless fun. It’s hard to tell if it ever ends, but as far as I’m concerned, it does not. No levels to work through, no goals to achieve, just get your Bean as high as you can, collect those stars, and have fun. That last part is the easiest.

So get to downloading!image_4 (12)

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