Let’s Talk About: Just the Tips by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarksy


You recognize those names, don’t you, Fangirls? Yes, of course you do, because we’re all obsessed with them and there incredibly fantastic series Sex Criminals. You may or may not know that these two also offer the world more mind blowing humor in a variety of things. One of those is their recently released sex guide Just the Tips, a hilarious & maybe accurate little book of advice & inspiration. 

If you’re an obsessed reader of Sex Criminals like myself, you’ll know that some of the real gold happens after the comic is over. At the back of each issue, the two authors hilariously answer letters from readers. Above all that humor are various sex “tips” offered up by the two. They’re silly, ridiculous, and very untrue. So now, take all those, plus diagrams of suggested sex positions, erotica, satirical porn reviews, and everything your mind couldn’t dream of.

photo 2 (3)They’ve got the type of tips we all know and love, but have added in even more to make us fear incontinence. Some of my favorite pages are the erotic stories. Silly & sensual stories of vampire dicks, finger dicks, tonguedicks, just a lot of dicks. I also greatly enjoy the drawings for their suggested sex positions to try out. New & exciting stuff.

photo 1 (3)There’s also numerous pages of movie reviews. Movies we all know, turned sex & weird. Classic titles like the Squirt Locker and Pron: Leg-Assy. The films are of course summarized and rated for us, using boners as the scale.

photo 4The book also features a few more random things. Things like real stories from readers, diagrams of the solar system, and wet dream tales. A favorite of mine is the prediction of genitals in the future. We will change & adapt of course, and Fraction & Zdarsky have perfectly laid that out for us.

photo 3So there it is, Fangirls, in some of it’s glory. In order to have the full experience, you’ll need to get the book yourself. Which you really need to do. It costs no more than the price of a trade, and supplies you with a life time of advice that you can always turn to & rely on. So hop down to your local shop and pick it up, you’re life will never be the same and your thoughts will always be corrupt, confusing, and a little bit sexy.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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