Music: Sweet Songs Playlist

Try a little tenderness, Fangirls. I don’t know about you, but I love a good love song, and I have an arsenal of them for when the mood is right. Recently, I’ve been real into those types of tunes, and decided to whip up a quick playlist of some of my most recent favorites. 

Maybe you like stuff like this, or maybe this is exactly what you don’t want to hear right now. If you’re not into love feelings and singing about them, this isn’t the playlist for you. However, I enjoy songs like this a great deal. I’m a pretty sappy individual. My whole life I’ve always had a soft spot for soft songs. But remember, love song is more of a genre, not just a sound or style. The songs I chose are from a variety of different artists, and though the may share that slowed & stripped sort of sound, they’re all very different in my mind.

I always try to offer up some variety in my playlists, even when it’s a specific type of song or genre. I tried to span some different genres and decades with this one. A good love song really is timeless. Some of them are barely a year old, but in my mind, are complete classics. I offer to you songs from Tom Waits, one of my all time favorite artists. Lucius & Haim, whom you’ve seen me fall in love with over the past year. And a few tracks from The Shivers, a band that recently has come to mean a lot to me. Song of sweetness cross every genre, every artist, they just happen. And I think they rule.

A lot of these songs are some of my personal favorites. Some have meant something to me for a long time, others are a new type of fondness. I’m giving you a little window into my soul a bit here, Fangirls. I hope you enjoy the sappy sounds in there.


All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners. 

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