High Fructose Zombies Takes Over P!Q in Grand Central Terminal

Fangirls, remember the absolutely lovely folks from High Fructose Zombies?  Well the artist, Sarah Braly, told me that her fantastic toys, Zombfectionaries, are being featured in P!Q at Grand Central Terminal.

There’s Sarah Braly with her art!


P1Q is a pretty neat shop, and Mrs. Braly’s art is just phenomenal, so it’s a great fit!  Her Zomtreatz are available to purchase at P!Q and at cons, but They’re being recommended for Valentines Day.  What better way to steal your sweeties heart with some zombified sweets?  None.


At P!Q there is a whole range of sweets handmade by Sarah herself.  All made from polymer clay and painted with acrylics, Sarah’s treat range from 1″ to a full foot!  Though not edible, they’re gorgeous and make fantastic decorations.  I’ve got a tiny little cupcake that I adore, and you should get one too.



If the treats aren’t enough, don’t worry!  The High Fructose Zombies comic is also available there.  I highly recommend it to everyone; it’s about a kick-butt lady named Clea Brown taking on the evil Yumzy Corporation that’s based in her town.  Who doesn’t want to read about a lady beheading zombies with a giant lollypop?  No one.

So Fangirls if you’re in NYC and you’ve got a chance, head over to Grand Central to check out Sarah Braly’s Zomtreatz line at P!Q.  If you’re not in the neighborhood, you can find out more about Sarah’s work here and here, and check out High Fructose Zombies stuff here and here.

P!Q_6 P!Q_3 P!Q_2 P!Q_comicbook






All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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