Music: Sad & Blue Playlist

Sometimes, you just have to listen to & binge on sad music. Yes, music can get you out of a crap mood. But sometimes, when you feel sad, you just must get into the bed and blast all of the saddest tracks you know. That, Fangirls, is what this playlist is for. 

This playlist has tracks from a lot of my go to upsetting music, and was co created by my best friend who spends most of her time as a sad & stressed art student. So needless to say, this playlist is pretty spot on. It features the angst of Andrew Jackson Jihad, the quiet somberness of Sufjan Stevens, and the King of Sad himself, Elliot Smith.

So there you have in, Fangirls. Sometimes you just have to grab a handful of songs like this, and get deep down in there. Just be sure to crawl back out.


All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners. 

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