Let’s Talk About: Food Play

Food play seems to be one of those things that is both a myth, and a popular adventure the bedroom. I think it boils down to a lot of confusion, a lot of taking cues from pop culture, and not enough actual education. There’s a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before introducing food into sex, but once done right it can be a super sexy, stimulating activity. 

There’s so many movies & things that portray food in the bed room. But a lot of it makes me cringe. First of all, they’re just not being original, it’s always the same thing. And I know that they’re not being very safe about things. There’s certain foods in places they shouldn’t be, and that sends the wrong message to people. You can’t just put anything down there and have it work. Surely though, there is a lot of stuff that you can use to happily integrate food into your sex life.

Of course there’s chocolate sauce, whipped cream, traditional things like that. But there’s a lot of options. Peanut butter or marshmallow fluff are great for putting on the body or a penis because they take a while to lick up, and require some talented tongue tricks. Flexing that muscle can be extra sexy. Honey is something sweet & delicious that can be used on both penises and vulvas. HoneyAdd in some of that to oral sex and you’re in for a nice treat. Keep it out of the vagina though! Sweet stuff is good, but should be used carefully so that it doesn’t go into the vagina. Things with a lot of sugar can cause awful yeast infections in the vagina, as it gives a the yeast an environment to thrive. Its also best if sweet, sticky type of things don’t get under the foreskin, so be careful with uncircumcised penises. Just pay attention to what you’re doing and where the food is traveling, and everything will be fine. It’s also a great idea to avoid solid foods that can go into the vagina, unless you know you can get them out. I read an article where an ob/gyn had removed nuts, grapes, and cherries from people’s vagina’s, and they didn’t even realize they were still there. Yikes. If something goes it, just make sure it comes out!

That brings me to this trick; You don’t necessarily have to stick with spreadable or pourable things, Fangirls. You can use more solid foods. People seem to only think of the lickable sweet treat types of foods like whipped cream & chocolate sauce, but you can get much more adventurous than that. Just think simple. Things like fruit are great. yogurt_mango_secondPlace them all over your partners body, make a little trail for your self that can lead into something else.I’ve heard that mango is a great food to use, or frozen grapes & blueberries. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the types of foods your using nutrition wise, though. It’s perfectly fine to use sweet stuff but keep in mind how much your eating. If you eat a lot before having sex, it can make you feel a bit sick or sluggish, and you might get too much of a sugar rush and crash afterwards.

So before you start getting real into your food play, you’ve got to set the table, per say. Have a nice clean body. Prepare your bed, or where ever you’re doing this. Use the old sheets, or maybe place towels down. Have things to clean your hands or other parts of you off in between things. For example, if you’ve had some sweet substance on your vulva, even if your partner has licked it all up, it’s a good idea to wipe up a bit down there before inserting anything if you plan to do so. Also, cleaning up afterwards can be a whole other activity really. Take a shower together, help each other get those hard to reach spots and clean each other up.

Set up your menu and dig in, Fangirls. Research any foods you want to try first, test out the substance on an arm or hand before placing it all over or on the genitals, to be aware of any reactions. Food play is a great way to incorporate all the senses into sex, and can be a very sexy, lovely experience. Don’t be afraid, but don’t be careless either. Most importantly, have so much fun.


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