She Hulk #9

backgroundWell this was a doozy of an issue, Fangirls, and I quite enjoyed it a lot. We’ve been caught up in Steve Roger’s legal issues, and in this issue, the trial finally begins. There’s a whole lot of plot twists, a lot of history, and Captain America still looks really, really old for some reason.

At the end of the last issue, it was revealed that Matt Murdoch, Davedevil, was the opposing lawyer in the case. It was a bit of a head spin. Especially in this issue, when you see how good of a lawyer he is. But really, the story alone doesn’t do much good for Steve Rogers. This issue jumps right into why this trial is happening, which had yet to be revealed to us.

Way back in the day, before Steve was a super soldier, he had gone up with a friend of his to see the friend’s brother, whom they just refer to ask Mr. Fogler. Why it was happening wasn’t clear. It was a bad crowd, and they didn’t like visitors. The two were seen talking to Fogler, and they grab them all to rough them up. Fogler tells Steve to stop talking, knowing that it will be better if he stays quiet. Then, the leader of this group tells Steve to shut up or he’ll kill Fogler’s brother. Steve doesn’t shut his mouth, and the guy kills the brother. So, this case is revealing this to the world, and trying him for being a guilty man.

she-hulk-9-courtThe case doesn’t look to good, Murdoch has some good defendants. The timing of everything just wasn’t good and looks bad, being that almost directly after this, Steve went into the program where he became a super soldier. It makes it look like a cover up of some sorts.

The case doesn’t get very far when the judge calls dismissal for the day. Then, quite a lot happens before the next day of trial. Upon Jennifer coming up with a way out plan, Steve tells Jennifer that he doesn’t want to take the easy way out, that this trial needs to be fought fair & square. Later in the evening, Daredevil arrives at Jenn’s window, and lures her out by just making her mad, really. They run all around the city for a while, and once She Hulk catches up to Daredevil, they talk business. We learn that Steve asked Matt to take the case against him. I guess that the family asked Matt, he turned it down, and Steve told him to take it and do everything he could to win. It’s not very clear as to why, I’m guessing that might come later.

The next day, it’s time for Steve to take the stand. Murdoch asks him about the testimony that was shared yesterday. He just says “Everything he said was true”. Ouf. Either Steve Rogers wants to pay his debt here and just be guilty, or he’s got some great plan he’s keeping to himself that will work in his favor. I have no idea, but whatever it is, we won’t find out in this issue. #9 ends here, #10 will most likely be one hell of an issue with this trial going on. For now, I wait and still wonder why Cap’ looks so old.


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