Music: Augustines

We-Are-AugustinesI find myself listening to this band at very specific times. I always jump to listen to them on nice days in the summer when I’m driving, and then when I’m driving on extra freezing days in winter. I’ve realized that extremes go very well with their music. Augustines breed a very raw, emotionally charged style of beautiful alt rock that I adore.

I’ve listened to this band for a few years now, around the release of their first album in 2011. My eldest brother had discovered them on Daytrotter and shared them with me. Soon I became pretty consumed in that first album Rise Ye Sunken Ships. When I listen to it now, I always feel that same way. Something about their songs makes me feel like I’m consumed in an cloud of warm enjoyment, and also like my emotions are being rung out like a wet towel. It’s a pleasant feeling though. The music has a very cathartic element to it. There’s one song in particular that I go to when I need to “shout-sing”. “Headlong Into the Abyss” is really one of my all time favorite songs. As someone who turns to their car in every situation, and as a rather emotional person, this song is a perfect anthem for my soul. The pulsating beat penetrates, while the ambient guitar lays perfectly over top. What really makes the song is Billy McCarthy’s howling vocals. It brings an unmatched energy to the song that I devour.

Maybe it’s just because it’s incredibly hard for me to tear myself away from their first album, but I honestly haven’t given their newest album enough time. It’s great, it’s a little more polished sounding, it’s still got their signature sounds. There’s a few songs that I enjoy a great deal. But for whatever reason, when I hear this band, I need to hear their first album. I’ve spent so much time obsessing over it that it’s hard for me to let go and listen to their other stuff for a little while. They made the first one too damn good.

Regardless of what album is better or not, this band and both of their albums are absolutely worth checking out. They have a unique sound to their rock, they’re own intense filter that they put things through. It’s brilliant and I hope you love it as much as I do.


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