Harley Quinn Holiday Special & Issue 13

I know the holidays are over, but we can enjoy Harley’s cheer for just a bit longer, can’t we?



In Harley’s Holiday Special, there are 3 stories, each with their own artist, but all written by Palmiotti and Conner.  It’s a good mix.  In the first, Harley gives away a bunch of puppies that “happened” in her animal heaven, and gets worried about Aboo, her favorite.  So she goes to check on him, and accidentally falls asleep under the Christmas tree with him.  They’re rudely awoken by a little girl, very excited for her new friend that Santa has left her; no, no the pup, Harley.  The little girl’s father pays Harley to be a bad toy, Harley sorts out some family issues, and it seems like a pretty good Christmas.


In the second story, Harley gets a humbug in her ear, and just can’t seem to get rid of it.  She runs all over the place, acting like even more of a crazy person, trying to get these Christmas tunes to stop playing in her ear.  She goes to see Santa, and he fixes it by licking a candy cane and putting it in her ear; the humbug bites and Harley is freed from the humming.  Then she and Santa go out to dinner.


In the final story, Harley finds a grey hair, and Tony accidentally tells her to take it up with Father Time.  She goes to the old folks home where she works, looking for Mr Tyme, finds him, and it’s not until his grandson and family come in and explain that Father Time is an idea, that she leaves him be.  Luckily, Lillian Tyme is a little baby, and rips out Harley’s grey hair.  All the problems are solved!


This was a fun comic, and I’m loving the special love that’s going into these extra issues Conner and Palmiotti are doing.  I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do for the Valentine’s Day special!  My favorite thing about Harley books is that there seems to be little nods to other things a lot.  Sure, it’s usually a Batman logo somewhere, but in the first story from the Holiday Special, there are bags from Dini’s and Timm.  Bruce Timm (as I’m sure you know) is Batman’s creator.  And Paul Dini is a great dude, he produced both Batman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond, along with a ton of other fantastic animated series revolving around our favorite heroes.


Issue 13 is a bit less silly than the Holiday Special, but still has that special Harley charm.  In it, Harley and Power Girl (the Dynamic Duo) finally get to the do-gooding!  They fight Sports Master and his buddy, and accidentally let them get away.  Later that night, during Power Girl’s “strongest woman on Earth” sideshow act, Harley sees where the two baddies are, and convinces PeeGee that their time has come, and they head off to take ’em down!


Power Girl has to drop Harley off at the park before they go after those n’er do wells, and at the park, a mugger tries to mug Harley.  She tries to distract him with her chest window, and when that doesn’t work, she breaks out the booty window.  Power Girl eventually comes back and carts him to prison.  They leave Sports Master etc tied up for the police, and head home.


Through this whole issue, Harley is worrying about things hitting PeeGee’s head and bringing back her memory.  A bunch of huge things hit her head, and nothing happens, but after they stop the bad dudes, a bird poops on Power Girl’s head, and she remembers everything.  Harley convinces her that they became great friends over these couple of issues, and the only punishment PeeGee gives her is ditching her on top of the Eiffel Tower.


It really bums me out that Power Girl isn’t going to be a part of this series anymore, because these three issues were fantastic.  I feel like Palmiotti and Conner have been getting a lot of freedom, and I love it.  In a couple issues, I saw that there will be a horde of Harley’s and that is something I can’t wait to see.  Fangirls, how are you all feeling about this series?  We’re a year in, and I’m still in love with it (and I can’t believe it’s been a year already), so I hope you’re having as much fun with it as I am.








All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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