The Blackest Night: Review as a Whole

blackest-nightSo, I recently finally finished every last comic in the epic series known as “The Blackest Night.” I’ve written about it before in pieces but, I figure rather than make everyone read all of the little pieces of reviews I’ll just tell you how the series is. It’s easily over 100 comics long and very heavy if you are a purist like me and need to own every single issue and read them all. 

I will say this. Even though every single comic had it’s merits and was always at least somewhat interesting, some were not necessary for the continuation of the plot. Basically there is the main story line which follows all of the Lanterns and The Flash along with a few other heroes like Wonder Woman, Mera, The Atom, and a few others that fight against the spreading plague of Black Lanterns as they spread across the galaxy and come to a final standoff against Nekron, the orchestrator of The Blackest Night.

Nekron is basically death; blackness itself, the empty space between atoms is Nekron. So, long story short, he cannot be killed. As if it wasn’t hard enough to kill a Black Lantern with 2 or more Lantern colors working in tandem to sever the connection with the ring. The series got really cool when 1 Lantern from every Corps came together into an uneasy alliance to stop the scourge. It got even cooler when, to double their forces, each ring was able to deputize another and make them a Lantern for 24 hours. Ganthet, a Guardian got the Green, Barry Allen got the Blue, Wonder Woman got Violet, Mera got Red, Scarecrow got Yellow, Lex Luthor got Orange, and The Atom got Indigo. It was just very cool to me to see all of these heroes and villains get new power.

6a0120a721c2d7970b017c36c73f40970bI am severely simplifying and shortening things but, basically they pull out all of the stops to get a leg up on Nekron and the Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan invites Parralax back into himself in order to fight a Black Lantern version of the Sprectre, the Indigo Tribe rounds up every member of every Corps they can find; absolutely everything goes down in Coast City.

Nekron turns a lot of currently living heroes into Black Lanterns which, is unfortunate because that couldn’t happen before. We find out it is only heroes who have been resurrected in the past which, I feel like is everyone. Nekron’s basic goal is to summon the entity of Life itself from the core of the Earth (which, incidentally is the secret birthplace of life itself, or at least the location of earth in the galaxy is right where it happened and the entity built Earth around itself; something like that). He brings it up and Sinestro takes it in, wanting to be the greatest Lantern of all time. He becomes the first White Lantern ever but, loses control because the entity is too much to take for one person.

whitelanterncorps001Eventually the White Light resurrects all of the heroes, including the ones who were dead even before the Black Lanterns came, meaning people like Aquaman get a new chance to live. The cool thing is, a whole slew of heroes led by Hal Jordan get a White ring very briefly and they all shoot their beams at Black Hand to resurrect him, banishing Nekron back to where he came from without his tether in Black Hand.

Everything goes back to normal and Black Hand disappears but, we get to see that the Indigo Tribe took him and inducted him. He looks to be in a trance….or got lobotomized because he is drooling and speaking in the Indigo Tribe language. We also get to see that on Earth now, there is this crater where a solitary White Lantern is laying, waiting for it’s master to come claim it. I know that Kyle Rayner is the only White Lantern in the New 52, so I’m guessing he gets to control it.

The series as a whole was really great though, the spread out among all of these different series really lended to the disheveled feel of everything going to hell all over the galaxy before it came to a sharply focused head at the end. It also gave me a lot of little snapshots of back stories I never knew in the starts of some comics. The Black Lanterns did this thing at the start of some comics where they were taking over a dead body and you would see the memories and back story and motivations of the dead as the ring downloaded these memories to use against those who cared for the deceased the most. It was a clever plot device to introduce readers to characters they may not be familiar with.

am  glad to be done reading it though. It was a monster of a series and I am glad to not have to lug it back and forth from home to college and back again as I slowly chip away at it. Overall though, I suggest reading it if you can get your hands on it either in singles or a trade or even digitally. I personally really would love to read the Brightest Day series now!

All characters and images are copyright of their original owners.


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