The Flash: “Revenge of the Rouges”

VfK0Wj6The Flash is back!! Took him long enough *pause for uncomfortable chuckles* This episode saw the return of Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold and his (for now) only partner, Mick Rory, aka Heatwave! He has a gun that rivals Captain Cold’s in the fact that it puts out heat that is some scientific term for maximum heat that can be achieved.

It seems that with the title and the slow introduction of members of the Rouges, we will be seeing the band of villains form eventually. To recap we have seen Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Heatwave, and lets not forget Captain Boomerang in Arrow!! Also, at the end of the episode we see the appearance of Golden Glider and it seems as though next week, the Pied Piper will be making his debut as well!

This episode saw Barry increasing his speed through training in order to keep up with the man in the yellow suit or, as Cisco has finally named him, the Reverse Flash. Every episode usually starts with “My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.” But, this one started with a different “my name is Barry Allen, and I am not the fastest man alive.” The episode sees Barry struggle to deal with Iris moving in with Eddie and the responsibility he has to Central City to be a hero to all and not just a hero to his own cause of taking down the Reverse Flash. We also saw the introduction of the idea of the Firestorm project, and got to see Barry read 800 pages in seconds which, would be so ridiculously helpful for my school work.

Captain Cold and Heatwave continually try to get The Flash’s attention by causing mayhem to which Barry finally has to give to them in a showdown on the streets. AfterFLA110A_0332b using his speed to its max in attempt to make the heat and cold guns cross streams and cancel each other out (so says Cisco). Yes, they do make a Ghostbusters joke about crossing the streams. Eventually, Barry defeats them, not by going fast but, by slowing down. Captain Cold and Heatwave are apprehended, the guns given to Cisco to destroy, and now the whole world knows that The Flash is a real person and they are blown away. Eddie at least begins to accept The Flash as not a problem to the city which is disappointing since I suspect the he will become the Reverse Flash at some point.

I suspect that Cisco will secretly not destroy the freeze gun because, it was originally made to take down someone with Barry’s abilities so, in the ongoing battle against the Reverse Flash, it would make sense for him to keep it. The only problem is, before Captain Cold and Heatwave even make it to Iron Heights, they are broken out of their van by Leonard Snart’s sister, Lisa who Flash fans will know as Golden Glider!

Barry ends the episode vowing to help everyone and not just himself and also moves back into Joe’s place under the logic that he knows the secret of the Flash and it would work in Barry’s benefit. Iris finishes moving out and her and Barry take the first step back to normalcy after the big reveal in the mid season finale to Iris about Barry’s feelings for her.

Like I said, next episode sees The Pied Piper, so we will see how the Rouges come together. I suspect the season finale will see them all come together against the Flash. I am curious about Grodd still though. He will probably be a Season 2 thing that they will dramatically introduce after the Rouges have been taken down.

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One thought on “The Flash: “Revenge of the Rouges”

  1. Oh, yeah, I forgot about Grodd. It was kind of silly to bring him in the way they did and not even mention it again. It’s like they were going to and then some writer came up with a better storyline and they all agreed so they switched. Especially since at that point a S2 wasn’t guarenteed.

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