Wolverines #1 by Charles Soule


Two weeks ago, the first issue of Charles Soule’s “Wolverines” series was released. The story begins at the end of the two previous series (The Logan Legacy and Weapon-X Program) after Logan’s untimely death while trying to destroy a second effort to bring back the Weapon-X Program.


P.S.- This article will contain spoilers!  I recommend that you read the issue before you read this review/synopsis 🙂

In the events leading up to this awesome first issue, Wolverine tears down the Revamped version of the Weapon-X building, and the 5 survivors of all of the experiments collaborate to trap the stars of the new series in a huge cage together, to use their healing factors to undo what the scientists at the building had done. At the beginning of the issue, the deal is sealed that if they release the group containing Victor Creed, Laura Kinney, Daken Akihiro, Lady Deathstrike and Mystique, they would help the test subjects find a way to reverse what had been done. They get to the building to find that a wrecking crew has shown up at the same time as them. While Victor, Lady Deathstrike, and some of the test subjects go to handle them, Daken, Laura and the other 2 subjects search the rubble.



They finally find Logan’s adamantium covered corpse, and while they debate what to do next Daken and Laura have a very in depth conversation in regards to Daken’s current state of being in regards that his healing factor has been lost. But just when everything seems to be going their way, none other than Nathaniel Essex himself shows up to crash the party. For reasons still unknown, he attacks Daken, ripping off both his left arm and his left eye (note: while reading this I actually cried because I care about Aki so much).

BUT it ends with him lying in agony on the ground and Laura holding his hand and me being a sobbing mess because nobody should ever hurt Akihiro EVER. I thought that it was a killer first issue and I’m really excited (and afraid) of what’s to come! The second issue came out on January 14th so get it and start reading asap!






All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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