Music: Sleater-Kinney / No Cities to Love

fa887a94I was driving to work one morning, listening to NPR, when I heard the news; Sleater-Kinney is back. In their 10 year hiatus, they were just as present. Whether it be with other projects or just the echoes of their legendary career. Now, they’ve brought us a new album. It makes my heart beat out of my chest.

I’m not going to sit here and act like some long time listener of this band. I was a child when they were making a name for themselves. There first albums came out when I was a toddler. I did have pretty excellent taste even as a child, but I didn’t find this group until I was in high school. So, this was my first experience of having a new album from them as a fan. I lost my mind with excitement. Trying to drive and lite a cigarette, I nearly swerved off the road when I heard the announcement on the radio. I couldn’t wait. Then, on January 20th, it arrived.

It’s undoubtedly Sleater-Kinney. But it’s got a little more of a polished sound. Cleaner riffs, cleaner vocals. But that’s not saying that this album doesn’t throw a wave of loud, gritty rock n roll at you. This album roars. Brilliantly cheeky guitar riffs paired with raw and honest vocals. CarrieBrownstein_LeadCarrie Brownstein’s vocals sound more mature, which makes sense, but it’s even more so than in her latest project Wild Flag. It’s still her unique howl that we’ve all come to love, with some sort of enhanced, aged tone. This mature sound carries over to a lot of the album, really. I love it.

There single, the title track “No Cities to Love”, has been tremendously well received. That’s understandably so. It’s got such a tasty guitar riff, a very straight forward & fantastic chord progression, and of course the vocals from Brownstein. The lyrics are brilliant, and the vocals are unmistakably her. This song is the sound of Sleater-Kinney. Which is why everyone loves it so much. It’s a sound we’ve been able to go back to for years, but now it’s back & fresh and pulsing into our ears again. It’s the sound of a comeback. And boy, have they made one.

Whether you’ve been loving Sleater-Kinney since they’re early says in the 90s, are just discovering them, or have never heard them. Get this album, adore it, get all their albums, adore those. I know you will. This music is staple of life, especially for rad Fangirls & Feminerds. Go fall in love with their original revolution, and the one that they’re creating now.

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