Catwoman Issue 37 & Annual #2

Catwoman is all business, and as much as I love her look, I’m not a big business-y person.  I’m not saying that I dislike it, but I’m almost thinking I prefer her as a thief stealing diamonds and cat relics.


In Catwoman Annual 2, we get to learn more about the mysterious woman who made her own Catwoman outfit and is parading around as the Cat.  Eiko Hasigawa, part of the very influential Hasigawa family, first wwent after Catwoman to try to make her pay for what she did to the family.  But when she created her own outfit, she started feeling more powerful, and like she could make a change.

Not only is she wearing her own Catwoman outfit (which is a bit reminiscent of the Batgirl redesign, and I like it), but she’s also learning how to handle her family’s business.  At one point, her father tells her that she has to decide if Ken (her cousin with whom she is very close) should be allowed to live or killed for being the weak link.  I think seeing characters deal with difficult decisions like that are so interesting, because you get to know them through whichever repercussions they prefer to deal with.  Her answer doesn’t seem to go either way, and her father uses it as a teaching moment.


At one point, while she is in her Cat-suit, she runs into Batman, who tells her that she isn’t now, nor will she ever be the real Catwoman.  I found their interaction quite interesting, and even though the annual comic is not vital to the storyline, I recommend picking it up so you can check that interaction out.

In Catwoman’s regular storyline, issue 37 is very full.  Selina Kyle is busy, running the family business and getting all of the crime families of Gotham together.  She’s working hard, but when it’s found out that Nick Calabrese, one of her bodyguards, has spoken to the police, crap kind of hits the fan.


Everyone seems to know that there was a “leak” in the Kyle – Calabrese family, and that it was Nick.  Selina goes to talk to him, and finds out that Black Mask beat the crap out of him, and he told him nothing.  The police on the other hand, were totally blabbed to and Nick admits that.  He also understands that he will be killed, and accepts that.  Selina lets his sister, Antonia, do it, and without a tail.  she then lets everyone know that Black Mask is going to pay.

While Selina is trying to prepare for the finalization of the deal with the Hasigawa family, Balck Mask is actually shown hanging out with them.  He is working with them, to try and take down the Kyle-Calabrese family.  Will he succeed, or will Selina be better at her new job than he expects?  Who knows.


I’m finding this storyline quite interesting, and chock full, but because of that it is a harder read that Catwoman used to be.  I originally picked up Catwoman because I like her relationship with Batman, and I like watching her steal stuff; she’s great at it.  She usually has a perfect amount of sass, and a very interesting collection of cats, but those things aren’t coming into play as much as Gotham crime business stuff is.  I like it, it’s just taking some getting used to.  But you have to admit, she looks fabulous in that pantsuit.









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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