Daredevil #11 by Mark Waid

Hey guys! I’m just going to give you all a brief overview of the new issue of Daredevil which has sprung out of Waid’s run that ended last year. There will be some spoilers so watch out!!


Right before this issue, Matt finally meets his girlfriend and law partner, Kirsten McDuffie’s parents. I absolutely LOVE Kirsten. She is one of the most interesting characters that has been introduced in Matt’s comics in quite a while.



She’s a strong, smart, and enforcing woman of color who doesn’t take any of Matt’s crap, whatsoever. Plus, she’s cute as hell. Kirsten’s dad offers Matty a huge cash deal to publish an autobiography about Matt’s life. The issue starts off with Foggy, Kirsten and Matty talking about Matt’s first encounter with Hawkeye. They joke around and it’s really cute for a while, which I really enjoyed as opposed to the normal action-filled Daredevil-ing that usually goes on through an entire issue.

Matt starts talking about this great fiasco with Clint until Foggy reveals that he leveled Matt with one punch causing Kirsten to double over laughing and Matty to have a little pouting fit. Which was actually super adorable if you read it. One of Matts old clients named George Smith, aka Stunt-Master, wants to sue a younger rider for stealing his stage name. Matt isn’t inclined to take the case until of course the young rising star steals Matty’s “man without fear” punchline. When the young rider calls Matt out on a challenge Matt accepts, only to find out that before each ride he switches out with the older Stunt-Master. This was overall a really cute issue and it’s a really good start to a new storyline. I’m super excited to see what happens next!








All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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