Rat Queens: Braga Special Issue

Fangirls, I’m going to start off by saying that I’m very on the fence about Rat Queens right now.  The artist, Roc Upchurch, has been removed from the team due to domestic violence charges.  I have really been enjoying the story, as I’ve repeatedly stated, but I’m not going to keep buying the books.  Image publishes creator owned comics, so even though Upchurch is no longer on the team, he is still one of the creators, so he’s still getting checks.  I’m just very unsure about these, and I felt that you all should be aware of the situation.


This month’s Rat Queens is not following the regular storyline, it is about Braga’s past.  An orc, she’s always been a dangerous mercenary, destroying anyone who came to fight.  But Braga used to be Broog, the son of an orc chieftain, next in line for the title.  Broog fought and won many battles, but when his father didn’t agree with him on creating a peace treaty between tribes, Broog denied the offer of chieftain.


His younger brother, Voon, was all about fighting for the sake of fighting.  When their father said he could not offer chieftain to Voon, he realized there was one way he could attain it; killing Broog.


Voon gathered a group of orcs and they found Broog with his best friend, Kiruk, and tried to kill them.  They took down Kiruk, infuriating Broog, and causing their own deaths.  Broog brought Voon to his father, and though he looked injured, he may have survived.  But then Broog left.


All of this is a conversation between Braga and her current fuck-buddy, over coffee.  She throws him over her shoulder and goes upstairs for round three, and the issue ends.


I really enjoyed learning more about Braga; the individual characters that make up the Rat Queens story are all so interesting and I want to know more about their lives.  The art for this issue was done by Tess Fowler, who did a great job of showing the rough side of Braga’s story, but I found her style just a bit too abrasive.  Next month, Stjepan Sejic takes over permanently, and from the previews in the back I like his style more.  I’m still just so torn.  The story continues, and I just don’t think I can support it.  I may instead start collecting Peter Panzerfaust, one of Wiebe’s other books focusing on a World War II era Peter Pan (that way I can still support Wiebe’s work, but not Upchurch).

Art of Stjepan Sejic
Art of Stjepan Sejic

I’m also intrigued to know if the Rat Queen’s television show will still be happening, or if it will fall through because of the recent announcement.









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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