The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North & Erica Henderson

Fangirls, this is amazing.  Squirrel Girl is phenomenal, and hopefully will stay unbeatable.  I mean, she’s already got a theme song.  She’s the hero we deserve.


So this is the first issue of a new Squirrel Girl, Ryan North’s Squirrel Girl.  And you know what she’s doing?  She’s going to go to college and better herself by studying computer sciences.  Girl has a plan.

But her plan involves living as her secret identity, Doreen Green.  And Doreen can’t talk to squirrels or kick butt or have a tail.  So she tuck’s her tail into the seat of her pants (giving herself a rockin’ booty), packs up, and goes to college.


She meets her roommate, Nancy, who happens to be my decorating idol (knitting posters everywhere holy cow!), and her kitten Mew.  She tells Doreen that to obey an unjust law is itself unjust, and that’s why she’s breaking the rule about having pets.  Heck yeah.  As they’re talking, a swoosh happens, and Doreen catches sight of Kraven the Hunter outside.  She runs out with little explanation to Nancy.


Kraven is one of Spider-Man’s villains, but when he and Squirrel Girl fight, he threatens all of her squirrel buddies.  She throws him really high into the air to figure out what to do with him.  Instead of more fighting, she reasons with him.  She explains that he’s really been limiting himself by not going after bigger game than Spider-Man.  Kraven’s immortal, so he should go after all the big bad guys!  She has some visual aid from Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains, but it send him on his way.


When she goes back to her room Tippy-Toe (her squirrel best friend) gets word that something really big and really bad is about to happen, so Squirrel Girl should get on it.  But the big bad thing is suuuuper far away in space, what’s there to worry about?


Literally everything, because the last panel shows Galactus taking a big bite outta planet Earth!

Fangirls, this comic is amazing.  The next issue comes out this coming wednesday, February 4th, so go get the first two issues then (if you don’t already have number one).  It’s goofy and adorable and I want to be Squirrel Girl when I grow up, and that’s usually a good indication of it being a great comic.  I like women I can look up to, and Squirrel Girl definitely seems like one I can do that with.  Plus she’s adorable and can talk to squirrels, what’s not to love?  Also, when you’re reading this issue check out the tiny writing on the bottom of the pages, just under the panels!








All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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