Music: The Orwells

The Orwells is one of those bands where I kept hearing the name, kept hearing that they were good, but for whatever reason it took me a long time to actually look them up and give it a listen. And boy, am I pissed that I waited. The Orwells are a rugged group of young men who are bringing some past & present sounds to the rock n roll table.

To me, they sound like if the Misfits were dragged through the 90’s, and with a bit more of a pop-like sensibility. At times, I hear hints of the Stones, the Doors, but when it comes down to it, the Orwells are the Orwells. This young group has a lot of talent for their age, most of them barely or not even clearing their teens yet. Their attraction comes from the marriage of it all. The two guitars, chugging & twanging, with riffs & solos. The simple but pounding drums. Then of course, the vocals. Vocalist Mario Cuomo has a raspy, shout; a voice perfect for rock n roll that I can’t get enough of.131028-the-orwells-this-is-happening_0They sing about youthful things. Their newest album especially focuses on what seems like the new life of rock n roll. Classic rock stars would sing about their lives as rock stars, but that seemed to kind of die out. The Orwells seem to bring that back with songs talking about drunken nights, adventures with women, all that. The music is fun. However, they also have some more violent songs where I’m really reminded of the Misfits, and though they are concerning, I can’t help but love those songs too. The band has two albums, the newest one recently becoming pretty successful. I personally prefer the second album, with the first one being a little too gritty sounding for me. When it comes to rock music, I usually don’t mind that sort of unpolished sound. Maybe just because the second album, Disgraceland, is so fucking good, it over shadows the first.

Though this group of men seem a little but rowdy, and a little pretentious, I can’t help but love their music. I’ve listened to Disgraceland about 20 times through this past week. It’s a killer album, their music is uniquely familiar, and I know that at first listen  you’ll become addicted to it like I have.

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