Appdicted: Chairish

mzl.alyzlfmv - CopyI’ve been outrageously into interior design, home decor, and furniture lately, Fangirls. So with that, I look for things to help fuel & better my obsession. Chairish is the perfect accessory to an interest in home embellishment. It uniquely allows you to buy, and sell, all sorts of beautiful things like furniture, art, and little things to perfectly enhance your home.

At first, I was not very impressed with this app. When I heard what it was, I honestly thought it was just just Etsy, and there for was pretty useless. But then, once I downloaded it, looked around, and tried something out, I quickly learned that this was no copy cat.

Chairish combines all sorts of things. It takes unique products, lists them, and allows people to buy them or bid on them. That’s right, like some auction type deal. There’s a listed price, which you can buy the product at, but you can also negotiate with the merchant to possibly get a cheaper price. Which I think is pretty damn 1 (10) - CopyTo find awesome things to offer on, you can sort through a few different things. There’s categories you can search through, different designers, and you can also sort through things by style. If you know exactly what style you’re looking for, you can find it in Chairish’s selection.

photo 2 (11) - CopyOnce you’re at a style you’d like, you can narrow things down even more for yourself. You can look things up by color, type of product, and most importantly, price. The prices on this website vary tremendously, Fangirls. This isn’t necessarily a bargain finding app. I’ve found things on hear that ask $10, and I’ve seen some things that are $25,000. Seriously. The great thing about all the customized searches on Chairish, is that you can search for things within your budget, too. Unless you have $25,000 to spend on a table. You do you.

photo 4 (8)So whether you’re looking for a poster for your wall, or a grand dining room table, Chairish can help you find it. For the price you need, in the style you want, all that good stuff. Even if you’re not looking for anything, this app is wonderful for inspiration, and for just oodling at things. So get to downloading, Fangirls! And bidding, and buying, and loving.


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