Watch: Scandal

scandalSo, I’m a little late to this party, but sure am glad I came. After having countless people recommend the show to me for quite some time, I finally decided to sit down and watch Scandal this past weekend. Holy cow, is this a quality television show. I’m now addicted, in love with Olivia Pope, and have lost all hopes of productivity until I finish every episode.

This is one hell of a show. My emotions are turned around, upside down, inside out, and every which way. It’s quite intense, but not in a hokey dramatic way, which is what makes it really attractive. Sometimes I can get on board with the premises of those thriller crime shows, but often they’re just too far fetch, to a point that actually becomes predictable, and its boring. Scandal, though, brings some all new, delicious stuff to the table.

The show is focused on the brilliant Olivia Pope. Respected by all, feared by many. A lawyer, and former campaign manager for the current president, Pope now runs her own “firm” of sorts. It’s not so much of a legal firm of lawyers, but a group of highly intelligent, legal superheros who solve legal problems & crack cases outside of court, in their own, scheming ways. Some of the ways they go about things are extremely unconventional, and even illegal at times, which is kind of ironic, but it’s all intensely client based. They do what it takes to give the client what they want in the end, even if it means breaking rules or even going against their own moral code. They serve the customer. And boy, is it exciting to watch. Pope’s team works with an exhilarating fervor, a passion that is unmatched and yields undeniable result. As one member of the group states in the first episode, they are “gladiators in suits”. scandalBut behind every superhero, of course, is a real life. And real life has problems. Certain clients bring certain problems, then there’s the problems that you create yourself. As seamless as Olivia Pope seems to be, she does have her fair share of those. For instance, a past, and still softly burning, affair with the President of the United States. Yep. It began when she worked on the campaign, and has sense turned into a much more intense problem now that yet another women becomes involved. Tsk tsk, Mr. President.

Olivia Pope in all her glory tackle this problem, many others of her own, and especially more of other peoples in the brilliant saga that is Scandal. This show has the right amount of plot twists, emotional tugs, and humor to appeal to just about everyone. It’s intensity & suspense has that glued to the television effect, and it’s moments of humor & realness give it that mass appeal, that feeling that it’s hitting all the bases. One thing that I also very much appreciate is how Olivia Pope is portrayed. It’s extremely important. She is probably one of the strongest women on television right now. She is so very respected in her world, nobody doubts her. They know her capability, they know her intelligence, they know that she can do anything she wants. She has the power, because she’s smart. It’s not often that you see a woman’s intelligence & intuition put on a pedestal like that. And on television, at that.

Scandal is an obsession worthy show, Fangirls. So if you’re not caught in it’s beautiful web already, I suggest you work yourself in there. You’ll know how losing some of those productive hours is so worth it once Olivia Pope has you in her trance.


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