Coffin Hill Issue 14

Fangirls, please tell me you’ve been reading Coffin Hill.  It’s so amazing, and is always one of my first reads when I pick up my comics.  They’re always so beautiful and gorey, and this issue, the start of the next storyline, is no different.


Issue 14, The Killing Floor takes place in 1970 Coffin Hill, Massachusetts.  Four young adults have been “cleansing” across the country, and are wanted for the murder of 12 people.  They come to a house, set on killing it’s owner and taking all of her money, but it really doesn’t go as planned.


Slowly, the four get picked off by her, and she’s quite artistic with what she does.  It doesn’t show all of everything, but three of the four do not survive.  The girl that survives gets special instructions,

When I’m finished, I’ll cut you loose.  You’ll go a mile down the road to the filling station and call the police.  You tell everyone exactly what I did.

At the end there’s a very well dressed woman, who forces the girl to read her the rest of Hansel and Gretel before she’ll leave.  At the end of issue 13, Eve mentioned a dangerous witch; I think they’re the same woman.


Throughout the comic, there were weird and grotesque things in both the back- and foregrounds.  I think the witch forced the younger woman to do these things, and then let the four other people find her, so she would get blamed, but the witch could soak up the power from all of the death.  I don’t really know much about witchcraft from anything other than the Coffin Hill I’ve read, but that sounds like something that may be happening.


If you haven’t started with Coffin Hill yet, now is the perfect jumping on point.  Issue 14 is the start of a new arc, and the first two trades are available for purchase.  This is an absolutely beautiful comic, as long as you’re alright with gore.  Check it out, Fangirls!  Next week, issue 15 comes out, so get on it!








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About Emily Althea

Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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