Feminerd: #20BeautifulWomen

Over the past few weeks, my feeds have been flooded with even more selfies, inspirational quotes, and things of the like. However, it’s a lovely sort of timeline clogging. Its all the result of a pretty wonderful hashtag that is promoting self confidence, positive attitudes, and the unity of women. 

After doing a lot of research, I found that the hashtag started with a book. Saba Tekle wrote a book of the title 20 Beautiful Women, in which 20 women shared stories of perseverance, healing, pain & passion. It is a book meant to inspire women, unite womankind as a sisterhood, and show all women that they are all beautiful. From the latter, came a hashtag that has consumed the Twitters, Instagrams and Facebooks of hundreds of women.

It’s starts with a tag. Someone will tag you to participate in the challenge of posting a picture where you feel beautiful. Then, you’ll tag other people. But the photos have digressed into things beyond a good feeling selfie. I’ve seen people post pictures of their friends instead, saying that their friends are the most beautiful thing about them. I’ve seen people use photos of their mothers, thanking them for raising them & teaching them to embrace themselves as beautiful women. I’ve also seen a lot of pictures of notes people have written talking about the ideas behind #20BeautifulWomen, saying that the things that make them beautiful aren’t things that you can photograph.

This is one of the best things I have ever seen go viral. My Instagram feed is chock full of women embracing themselves and encouraging others to do the same. Tagging their friends, telling them that they are all beautiful, too. Its uniting women as a big giant community, and recognizing that we’re awesome & beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with being confident and knowing that you’re the fucking best, Fangirls.

I challenge you all to do the #20BeautifulWomen challenge, Fangirls! Post the hell out of some selfies, or whatever you deem most beautiful about you.



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