Playlist: Classically Trained

Nope, this isn’t a playlist of classical music. Though, that genre should also be appreciated. This is a collection tracing back to where my Fangirl roots really began; With classic rock. I spent elementary & middle school in the grips of an obsession with rock music of the 60s  & 70s. So many of these bands have played a giant part in contemporary music, which is why I thought it was important to compile a group of what I think are some of the most essential rock songs of the day. Let your hair down, Fangirls. 

It wasn’t very conventional to be a 10 year old completely enthralled in people like Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison. However, from my experience of being a small child with an old soul, I learned about what it means to be a Fangirl. After getting mocked for always wearing my favorite Led Zeppelin shirt, my 5th grade teacher told me that she thought it was awesome that I liked bands like that. She told me to take pride in the things I’m passionate about. The minute I embraced my musical obsessions for what they were, my Fangirl-dom was born. This playlist is a portrait of and a dedication to the birth of my Fangirl Heart. It’s also a dedication to some of the best damn songs ever.

Out of classic rock came revolutionaries, risk takers, and people who are just damn good at playing their instruments. Listening to these songs takes me back to when my walls were plastered with giant posters of what I’ve always considered to be “the greats”. Some don’t care for music like this, but I think we can all appreciate the risks they took to bring music into a more expressive & modern era. The epic solos, the frontman sensibility, the drama, it all served a greater purpose for rock & roll, and music as a whole. Where would we be if Hendrix never set his guitar ablaze on stage? Rocking a lot less hard, and Fangirling a lot less intensely.



All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners.


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