On Rereading

Fangirls, I love to read.  I rarely get to go to book stores, and I am not a big fan of reading things digitally, so I often end up rereading books I am already familiar with.  It’s also one of the very few healthy ways I can deal with stress and anxiety.


I tend to reread the Harry Potter series more often than anything else.  I find that there is comfort in reading things I already know, and that the Golden Trio gives me strength.  I know it sounds a bit foolish, but I like to think of all of the garbage they went through in their lives is far more obscene than the things I’m going through.  If they can steal an old cup from a wizard bank, and escape on the back of a dragon, I can get myself out of bed and go to class.

I’ve also reread the Series of Unfortunate Events books a couple times, and I think its for a similar reason.  Yes, the Baudelaire orphans had terrible lives.  Lemony Snicket’s writing made it enjoyable to read about.  And again, if they can escape a pit of lions, I can shower today.


I like comfort items, Fangirls.  I love comfort food, comfy clothes, pets to cuddle with, and all that jazz.  I’ve found that I have comfort books, as well.  The first three Potter books are my most read.  I love the story, and always get stuck on the fourth book.  So it’s rare that I reread the entire series anymore.

Reading is so important to me.  My aunt taught me that books are important, and they can bring you places and teach you things that aren’t possible, but that’s what makes them so amazing.  I’m so glad that I love reading so much, and that definitely goes for rereading as well.  Do you Fangirls have any books that you love to read over and over again?









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One thought on “On Rereading

  1. I am currently rereading Harry Potter for the first time. I read it all about 14 years ago in college and have never reread it. I don’t tend to reread things because I already have so many books I want to read and will never get around to reading. That being said, rereading HP has been such a joy! There is so much I have forgotten and it really is like coming home.

    I’m also rereading another (more favorite) series by David Eddings, though not as quickly as HP.

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