Captain Marvel Issue 9

Fangirls, I love Captian Marvel.  She’s great, Kelly Sue Deconnick is great, everything is great.  Especially this issue.


The Aladna Court Sessions is a standalone issue, which is really nice in itself.  I tend to prefer ongoing stories, but when you can tell me a whole story in just one, I’m always impressed.  What makes this even more impressive is that the script is almost exclusively in rhyme (because that’s how you speak on Aladna).

Tic and Captain Marvel are hanging out in space, like you do, listening to music.  A song by the artist Lila Cheney comes on, and out of nowhere, Lila Cheney herself pops in!  Tic immediately Fangirls, but Carol takes a second to be upset that Cheney came in unannounced.  But when Cheney starts playing, Carol’s face says it all.


Lila Cheney explains that as a child, she found out she could disappear and reappear almost anywhere.  She got herself betrothed to a young prince when she was little, and had been popping all over the galaxy forever.  Recently, she had popped back to where her betrothed prince was to get out of a writing funk, and had quickly learned that her childhood promise was still in place, and they wanted her to marry him now!

So she grabbed Carol and Tic, and the three of them went back to what was supposed to be her new home, to try and sort it all out.  The Aladnians assume that Carol is Lila’s mother, and she goes off to have a chat with Prince Yan.  He recognizes how foolish the arrangement is, and is planning on getting rid of the law as soon as he’s king.  But he worries; if Lila won’t marry him, Marlo of Sleen will, because she really wants to be queen.  So he urges Lila to pledge herself to him, and he will be alright with her doing whatever she wants, she just can’t marry anyone else.


At the ceremony, Marlo shows up to object to the marriage, and challenge Lila to a fight to the death!  Captain Marvel steps in to fight in her place, and though she refuses to kill Marlo, she isn’t afraid to knock her out cold.  But the king and queen will not accept their son’s wish to rule without a bride, because of their customs.  Tic volunteers, because she only has about 6 more years of life, and Prince Yan is cool with her not being around.  Plus he’s attractive, and that really doesn’t hurt anything.


So Tic and Prince Yan get married, and as Carol is getting ready to leave, Lila remembers that she has a letter for her, and the issue ends with Carol looking a bit distraught.


Fangirls, I love this series.  It’s fantastic.  I really want everyone to read it because it is incredibly lovely, and makes me want to hug everyone, especially Kelly Sue Deconnick.  Just, wow.  Go pick this up, pick up all of the Captain Marvel books, and hell, throw in Bitch Planet too because it’s so fantastic!









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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