We Can Fix It! by Jess Fink

I’ve mentioned a couple times that the amazing comic shop I go to, Earthworld, hosts a Fangirls Night Out once every couple of months.  January 9th was the most recent one, and Jess Fink was there, to share her wares and tales of Fangirling.  I bought a couple things from her that night, the 2014 edition of Smut Peddler and her time travel memoir, We Can Fix It!  Both are phenomenal, but I’d like to concentrate on We Can Fix It! right now.


We Can Fix It! was published in 2013 by Top Shelf Productions.  It’s a time travel memoir, where Jess Fink wears a snazzy jumpsuit and goes back in time to warn herself of mistakes.  She hops around in her timeline, telling all ages of herself not to flirt with jerk boys, or eat quarters, and even which amine is best.  Eventually she tells one of her past selves what to do, and past her tells current her to buzz off.  Making mistakes is a part of life, and since current Jess is in past Jess’ timeline, she obviously didn’t mess anything up too badly.


So Ms Fink goes into the future to get a hug and some affirmation from near future Jess, and then goes back in time and just observes.  She sees the fun that she had, the friends she was with, and the good life she had.  Why would she want to mess around with it?

Fangirls, this book is super witty and though there are some serious parts, it’s quite a happy read.  While Fink is going back in time, she ends up making out with herself a couple times, and I love that.  When I think of time travel, I always think of time turners from Harry Potter, and how you’re not supposed to see yourself because you can mess stuff up.  Fink blows that idea out of the water by helping her past self in countless ways (making out with and pooping on jerks’ heads included), and I really enjoyed that difference.


This is not your everyday memoir in the best way possible.  If you’ve an extra $15, you can go here to order it from Top Shelf Productions and here to learn more about how rad Jess Fink is!








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